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Trinity Parking & Entrances
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New to Trinity Church? Or Considering Attending a Worship Service?

If you have you worshipped with us already — or looking at us for the first time — and are trying to get acclimated, then the information here may help. Review the Get Connected pages and the Mission Central site to learn more.  Our Media section has sermon recordings and News & Events offers a glimse into the kinds of programs and activities we offer. All these pages are links listed above.

Journey of Faith Series 

Pastor Frank Fowler sat down with a number of Trinity Church members recently. Listen to them describe their individual journeys of faith. Click on any of the images below to hear their testimony.

Test 01 Arlene Test 02 Bob
Test 03 Julie Test 04 Linda
Test 05 Liz

Want to learn what our parishners give as reasons for why Trinity is their church? Click here to read the 10 reasons given.

While this website contains a wealth of information that can help explain who we are, please feel free to contact us personally for any questions. Our church office can be reached at 908-852-3020, or just send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you for your interest.

Where to Park and Which Entrance is Best

There is a large parking lot behind the main church building, and this parking area may NOT be entirely visible from Main Street. Turn right down Moore Street ( going west) and left ( going East ) .....Moore Street is the nearest cross road to the church....and when half way down Moore Street turn right into the parking lot. You will see a large Trinity sign at the entrance. Review the map below for details. We offer several services and while our campus is accessible from many different entrances, we'll suggest which one is best.

Entrances for Sunday Worship

8:15 a.m. Chapel Service - use the entrance at the very back of the red brick building......the entrance is under a canopy. Walk straight ahead to the Chapel.

9:15 and 10:45 a.m. Sanctuary Worship - enter by the main side entrance at the circular drive, where you will see two antique light poles on either side of the walkway. Once inside you will see a Welcome Center straight ahead, where you may obtain information about the church. After entering the building turn right to go to the sanctuary. In addition our two Main Street doors will give you direct access into the sanctuary.

Entrance for Saturday Night Worship

5:00 p.m. - this service is in Trinity House, on the corner of our campus on Moore St. Parking is available on the side of the building or across Moore Street.Enter by the doors under the covered canopy with the white columns.

Trinity Campus and Church Map

Take advantage of our campus map, as well as our Church School map to get acquainted with our facilities. Upon arriving at Trinity Church, ask to obtain a classroom map, in either the Church School office (located just inside the lower entrance to Sunday School classrooms, or from the Visiitor's Desk inside the doors leading up from the sidewalk ramp and parking lot. Of course, do not hestiate to ask anyone should you be uncertain of the right entrance to one of our services, or our classrooms.

Trinity Church Campus Map May 2014