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Has God placed you somewhere for a reason?

Posted by: John G. Reed in Frank's Blog

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Good day,

“Can I have a ride to Quik Check?”

That was the request from the 20-something young man who leaned in the passenger side window of my car.

I had just left the church parking lot and was traveling west on Main Street, and was stopped in traffic for a light at High Street.  I did not know and had never seen this thin young man who approached my car.  He was wearing black shorts and a brown t-shirt on this very hot afternoon.  Sweat dripped from his face.

His approach and question caught me by surprise. I reflected that the Quik Chek store is just 3 blocks away. I wondered if perhaps he knew me as a local pastor, even though I did not know him.  Apparently not.    I wondered if he had a physical problem I could not detect.

“Sure - hop in the back seat” I replied.  My front seat was covered with stuff.

The light still had not changed so as he climbed in I reached to shake hands over the seat and introduced myself, and told him I was Trinity’s pastor.

“Hi,” he smiled, “I’m Shawn.”

And Shawn started talking.  The traffic was heavy and we moved slowly up Main Street.

Within 4 minutes he told me of some of his successes and failures, his accomplishments and his detours.  Right now he was on a long detour.

He just kept talking. I barely said a word.

As we turned into the Quik Chek parking lot and I stopped by the front door, Shawn said a sincere thank you. 

“If you want to talk more, I’m at the red brick church,” I replied. “God bless you.”

And out he went and into the store.

I wonder about those few minutes and about Shawn.  He seemed to need to talk.  I was there, in a random encounter.  Or was it random?

I think that sometimes God puts people in our lives for a reason. I’ve been wondering what that might be for Shawn…or for me.

And I reflect on the fact that I had a choice when Shawn approached my car.

A choice to say yes…or no.

I’m glad I said yes.

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