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Box Duty

Posted by: John G. Reed in Frank's Blog

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Good Day,


Boxes of stuff.

We all have them…often many of them.

A few such boxes found their way to the attic of a person’s home.

Years passed…boxes were forgotten…then remembered.

But now, the box owner was physically unable to get to the attic to retrieve the boxes.

So along came Trinity’s church-wide service day last Saturday.

Two folks volunteered to help, and accepted this “box duty.”

And within an hour or so the boxes were retrieved and delivered downstairs, so the owner could go through them and retrieve what they wanted.

And my heart was warmed at hearing the box owner VERY joyfully and gratefully report on this event.

That’s it…service to others in the name of Jesus Christ…in the form of moving some boxes.

How often we seem to think we don’t have time to participate in a mission experience or ministry opportunity.  “I don’t have time” is a regular excuse for not participating.

How commonly we think that we have so much to do to take care of OUR stuff, OUR family, and OUR priorities.

But Christian service and discipleship is often so simple.

Jesus himself referred to the blessedness of even just giving a cup of cold water to another person.

Please remember the boxes…and how they represent a simple act of love and Christian service.

Then, choose to find YOUR way to serve God and God’s people.

PS:  You might be interested in knowing some of the other activities from Trinity’s annual day of service last Saturday…or which will happen in the near future.

Three children visited people at Warren Haven nursing home.

Rooms where our homeless guests stay were painted.

Some folks did sprucing up projects at Camp Merry Heart - a summer camp for disabled children.

Easter baskets were put together for guests who come to our Lord’s Pantry food ministry.

A person  donated time to give respite care to a person whose husband has Alzheimer’s

some young people will help a sight and breathing impaired person clean out her garden.

A woman on disability will have a garden fence installed.

Some folks helped clean out the Vacation Bible School area of the Barn

a person is helping a sight impaired person organize their papers.

A group of Senior Citizens spent time writing “thinking of you “notes to people on our prayer list.

The Trinity Garden was prepared for planting so we can grow and then share the food from it.

A person is providing childcare for a family for a day.

A person is doing some laundry washing and cleaning for a senior citizen.

A group did some spruce up projects at nearby Camp Bernie.

And much more!!!!!

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