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The Plague of Busyness

Posted by: John G. Reed in Frank's Blog

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Dear Trinity Church members and friends,

There is a plague in our culture and society.




Most people I listen to report that they are so VERY busy...with family, activities, work, sports, commitments, and more.


Few people report that they have lots of free time in a day...and even retired folks tell me they are quite busy.


I know about busyness too.  My calendar is always full, many people would like to talk, church programs need to be planned, worship services and sermons prepared.


But recently in the midst of my busyness I had a thought.


Am I too busy to say a kind word to a person?


Am I too busy to offer gratitude, encouragement, support, or love?


Are you?


And if you have the opportunity to say such a word to someone In your busy life, why wouldn't you?


Why wouldn't you tell your spouse you love them as you rush out the door?


Why wouldn't you stop to say a word of encouragement to a child as they head off to an activity or school?


Why wouldn't you text or email a family member or friend that you are thinking about them?


Why wouldn't you say thank you to a co-worker who did a good job, or to a friend who asked about your family?


Why wouldn't you offer an unsolicited word of support to a person facing an illness?


Why wouldn't you spontaneously tell a church friend you will pray for them?


What time do these things take...a few seconds...a minute?




Opportunities to offer kind words are in your life several times a day.


So why wouldn't you say them?


Rev. Frank Fowler

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