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David and Goliath

Posted by: John G. Reed in Frank's Blog

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Bon Jour from Haiti,


Our mission team this week witnessed a stunning victory of a modern day David over the biblical giant Goliath.


You recall that epic match-up between the huge, strong giant Goliath...champion of the Philistines...who challenged the Israelite army to send one soldier to fight him.  None had the courage to do it.  Then, a boy named David stepped up.  He saw the giant and said, "you come at me with swords, spear and javelin, but I will defeat you because the Lord God almighty is at my side".  And he took a stone and slingshot and defeated the giant.


This week we saw a similar victory.


Our ministry in Haiti includes caring for some of the most severely disabled children you can imagine. Such kids are often considered "throw away children"...we have met some who were simply abandoned by parents at the door of the care facility.  A year ago one of Trinity's youth decided to fight the giant of disability, poverty and despair that can so easily surround these children.  Katya Reed, now just 16 years old, set out on a journey to raise $4,000 in order to buy and deliver 4 very specialized wheelchairs to disabled children in Haiti.  She worked with Trinity leaders, her Girl Scout troop, and her family and friends in sponsoring fundraisers, speaking to individuals and groups, and letting all who would listen know that she was taking on this giant.


With the determination of young David and the assurance that this project was "in the name of The Lord God Almighty" she kept at the fundraising.  People caught the vision and wanted to cheer her on, even as the Israelite army cheered young David. The encouragement came in the form of donations and support.  She raised the money...and the wheelchairs were ordered and delivered to Trinity. Two Sundays ago, they sat by the altar as we prayed for our mission team. 


Then the team carried them to the airport, and I felt a great joy as I personally handed a wheelchair to the airline check-in person. In Port au Prince they were off-loaded and Katya's journey was almost completed.


Then on Monday our team visited Mephibosheth's House, where 23 severely disabled children live.  And there we met Dadu...a six year old boy with cerebral palsy who can barely walk and then only with a child's walker. It was determined that he would be the first to use the wheelchair.


With pride, tears, and a unique joy that comes when people sacrificially serve God in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we watched Dadu almost leap from the wooden bench where he sat, grab his walker, and move with surprising speed to the blue wheelchair. He pulled himself up with a huge smile on his face.


And that's when we heard it.  The sound of a great "thud".


It was Goliath falling to the ground...and with him we watched as despair, sadness, and fear died.


And in that moment our modern-day young David...named Katya...rejoiced in the power of God to defeat giants, when we make the commitment to believe, trust and obey.


There were few dry eyes in the group as the giant fell...and as Katya's lovely smile lit up the room.


We were witnesses to a great victory for God and Jesus Christ.



People sometimes ask me about the immensity of the problem of poverty and disease in Haiti. Some even doubt that we can do much good, as progress is very slow and successes are measured in small doses.


But my faith is unshaken in the power of God to defeat every at a time...and that such is the will of our Heavenly Father.


For God continues to call His people to join the battle...and some respond like David in saying "here I am Lord, send me".


And this week we witnessed a new David stepping forth in faith, determination, and love to face the giant.  And Katya's weapon wasn't a stone...


...but a wheelchair.


Katya Reed delivers her wheelchair to Dadu.

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