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How Much are You Willing to Give?

Posted by: John G. Reed in Frank's Blog

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Good day, 


She was extremely sick.


This little girl was in the hospital and needed a blood transfusion to live.


She needed it now.


But her blood type was extremely rare and the transfusion was needed immediately...with no time to go looking around for a donor.


However there was a donor.


It was her younger brother...with the same blood type.


And in an unusual but urgent situation, doctors decided the only way to save the girl was to take blood from her brother.


His parents explained the situation to him. 


"Your sister may not live unless you give your blood," they explained.  "Will you do it?"


With a little anxiety the boy agreed.


Soon he was lying on a bed and the doctors put the needle in his arm to draw the blood.


As it slowly flowed from his body in the routine way, the boy watched quietly, his mom sitting next to him holding his hand.


Then...he asked a question.  "When do I die?"


His startled mother quickly replied that he wasn't going to die...and realized that her son had not fully understood the situation.  He was only giving the typical pint of blood.


But this little brother had been willing to give his blood to save his sister THINKING that he was giving up his own life to save hers.


Few of us will ever be in a situation of having to give so much that it will take our lives.


But this story raises the giving issue for us, with a simple question.


In the things that really much are you willing to give? 


Together in Christ's service,


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