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Why did God let this happen?

Posted by: John G. Reed in Frank's Blog

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 "Why did God let this happen?'


That is the question posed by a famous Hollywood actress whose lover had rolled off a yacht in a drunken stupor and drowned?


A young woman wrote a pastor a letter which said, "four years ago I was dating a man and became pregnant.  I was devastated. I asked God, 'Why have you allowed this to happen to me?' "


Famous boxer Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini hit his Korean opponent with a hard right in a match that caused a cerebral hemorrhage, leading to the man's death.  At a press conference after the death Mancini said, "Sometimes I wonder why God does the things He does."


Dan Jansens, Olympic speed skater, was racing in the '94 Winter Olympics when his hand scraped the ice, causing him to lose the race.  In a previous Olympics he had also lost a close race.  After the race his wife cried out "Why God, again? God can't be that cruel."


God seems to get a lot of blame for things. 


I hear it.  Accidents, diseases, divorces, death.  In the wake of life's painful moments people regularly deduce that it must be God's fault.


I know of people who have something bad happen, decide it was God's fault, and go on the equivalent of a long term temper tantrum, refusing to talk to God or even acknowledge Him. They leave the church, they leave the faith, presuming that in all the history of the world somehow they alone should be exempt from having something bad happen to them.


Be very careful about this temptation to blame God.  It generally means that we have not really thought out or come to a clear understanding of who God is and the very nature of God.  And it always comes down to the central sin of pride, as in "how could this happen to ME!  ME?"


Life is God's design. 


Bad things do happen to good people...sometimes quite randomly...often because of our own poor decisions, or the poor decisions of others.


But the nature of God remains good...loving...kind...and compassionate.


And in that nature God does allow bad things to happen.


You may want a clear and final answer about why.  


So do I.


So has everyone.


But the answer is often not for us to know now...though in time, we do come to see the bigger divine picture and the larger holy plan.


So for now, in your walk of faith, accept, trust, believe and follow God.


But try not to blame God.


He really doesn't deserve it!

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