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On the Front Line

Posted by: John G. Reed in Frank's Blog

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The front line.


That phrase began in the military but is now used as a metaphor for "the leading or important position in any activity."


And today I want to remind you that the people called Methodist are very accustomed to being on the front line of God's work.


This became apparent again this past week with the death of Dr. Martin Salia, a United Methodist who was serving in Sierra Leone, fighting the Ebola outbreak. Dr. Salia had been quoted long ago that he pursued medicine because he felt it was God's will for him, and that he wanted to serve in Africa because that was where God called him to go.


A member of the United Methodist Church, not surprisingly he was working in a hospital that had been started by Methodists.  Kissy Mission Hospital is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and has helped and healed hundreds and hundreds of people over the years.  Dr. Salia was a surgeon at the 60 bed hospital...and while serving patients, contracted Ebola.


Jesus called his followers to go and to love the poor, the outcast, the neglected and the forgotten. For me, Dr. Salia is an inspiring example of one who lived his faith by serving others.  He was a permanent resident of the US and split his time between Maryland and Africa.  He did not HAVE to be in Sierra Leone...but he felt called to be there.


Called by God.


Trinity Church seeks to be on the front lines also. Whether the front line in Hackettstown with our outreach ministry in the Lord's Pantry or the ESL program, the front lines of homelessness as this weekend 34 Trinity youth and eight adults are serving in DC and Philly, or the front line of world poverty in Peru, the DR or Haiti.


Our ministries and missions are designed to love and serve God's people, as Jesus commanded.  Whether you are an active part of the serving or provide financial support for those who serve, YOU are on the front lines. And I trust that you regularly pray for all our ministries and the people who fulfill them.


The Church of Jesus Christ is called to the front line. I thank God for the opportunity to help us go there.


Please pray for Dr. Salia's family.

Rev. Frank Fowler

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