Unit 4 – Jesus is Baptized

In the “Jesus is Baptized” unit, the children will hear the story of Jesus’ baptism when the Holy Spirit descended on him while he was praying as told in Luke 3:1-22. As the spirit descended a voice from heaven declared, “You are my Son, who I dearly love.” (Luke 3:22) Throughout this unit as the children rotate through Storytelling, Science, Spiritual Practices and Art, the children will be reminded that God has chosen them just as he chose Jesus and Jesus shows us God’s love. Please use the schedule below to see which station your child will visit each Sunday during this unit and talk with them about their experiences.


Date4 year olds and Kindergarten1st and 2nd Grades3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades
February 25thStorytellingStorytellingStorytelling
March 4th   Music and MissionsMusic and MissionsMusic and Missions
March 11thScienceSpiritual PracticesArt


April 8thSpiritual PracticesArtScience
April 15thArtScienceSpiritual Practices