worship this weekend

Worship This Weekend Oct. 8th and 9th

Dear Trinity church family,

When my children were little there was a time when I asked one of them to do something. In a typical child’s way, they said “why?” I explained why, but she still resisted.  After a couple of rounds of this typical scenario, I finally gave the best reason I could think of -“BECAUSE I SAID SO. “The issue was obedience.

And that is the matter we look at this weekend in our worship services, as we continue to learn “Lessons from a Sheepdog”, our congregational reading book. If we have a dog, we want them to obey, don’t we?

Yet it is often hard for US to obey God. And that’s what we’ll look at through the lens of the weekend scripture lesson. It is John 15: 1-11.

SATURDAY NIGHT WORSHIP – 5:00pm – TRINITY HOUSE – The Meanz of Grace praise band will lead us in music, and I’ll share the message.


8:15 – CHAPEL – Pastor Jenny Smith Walz will lead the service and share the sermon.

915 – CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Celebration Praise Band will offer music and Pastor Jenny will preach.

10:15- TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Our Chancel Choir will share music with us, and I’ll offer the message.


In each of our services we’ll share in a special stewardship litany, to help us focus on the theme of Fearless Generosity. Also a member of the Pastor Parish Relations Team will make a presentation.

Before and after worship on Sunday (only) we ask you to be sure to pick up your next stewardship mailing.  This saves the church a lot of money, and gets our 2017 Ministry Guidebook in your hands right away.  (Last week over 300 people picked up the first of the two mailings. We are asking you to pick up!!) All of our stewardship mailings and communications are aimed at Commitment Weekend on November 5 and 6 when we ask you to make a pledge to your church for the coming year.

There are many things we can do with our time – but I hope you agree that one of the most important is to give some of it to God in worship.

Hope to see you this weekend,