Bigger than Big – September 15th and 16th

Dear Trinity Church family,

Sometimes I feel bad for God. Not that God needs my empathy or sympathy. God doesn’t need anything from me. But I sometimes feel bad for Him whose awesome work in creation is so amazing and expansive and whose gift of earth blesses us every single moment of every single day, because we so commonly ignore, take for granted, and even usurp the work of the One who made us.

I wonder how God feels when his name simply becomes a curse word or a casually muttered exclamation when we stub our toes. That’s why this weekend our theme will focus on the grandeur of God, who as the sermon title conveys, is “Bigger than Big ”

We’ll consider the creation story in Genesis 1:1-2:3.
Other details of our 4 worship services include:

SATURDAY NIGHT WORSHIP AT 5:00 – Our Meanz of Grace praise band provides music for our worship and Pastor Jenny shares the message.


8:15 CHAPEL – Pastor Anthony leads and preaches and special music will be provided by Laura Iacampo, Basil Iacampo, and Cheryl Pami.

The Celebration Praise Band will offer upbeat music, and we’ll focus on the startup of our 40 small groups this fall with a testimony from Bruce Howell and the dedication of our small group leaders. I’ll share the message.

The Chancel Choir will provide special music, Sharon Hoff will offer a small group testimony and we’ll here to dedicate small group leaders. I’ll share the message. At the end of worship, we have a very special moment of celebration.

In Addition:
-you can sign up to be in a small group after worship
-you can see our new international flag display in Starr Hall that opened last week
-more good news items will be shared at the conclusion of all worship services
-and of course, we offer refreshments before and after you worship.

So there are many reasons to worship this weekend and 4 times to do so. I hope you’ll make worship a priority for you and your family.

Blessings and peace,