A Message from Eunice Vega-Perez

May the love and peace of our Lord Jesus the Christ be with all of you!

I give thanks to God for Trinity UMC, a faithful and fruitful congregation. Your missional mindset and outreach to the community, and the world, are an inspiration to me, and many others. The last couple of months have been challenging. The unexpected news of Rev. Frank Fowler’s illness and his passing have created disruption and loss for the congregation. Grieving and healing will take time, yet we are reassured that God will journey alongside us at all times.

I give thanks to God for the staff. Each from their own position and leadership has stepped up to meet the challenge. The cabinet is and will continue to work and support staff leadership during this transition time.

Trinity UMC is a very important church for me, Bishop Schol, Cabinet, and GNJ. The bishop has preached, been present at several meetings, and is being kept aware of your needs as we discern the next steps to support Trinity through this time. We assure you that we will work with you to develop the right pace for assessing present and future needs and pastoral care and leadership through this time.

Trinity United Methodist Church has had a single senior pastor for the last 38 years. We will not be able to replace Frank Fowler but we know and trust God has someone that will lead Trinity faithfully and effectively into the future. The cabinet will work with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee to understand your current realities, challenges, and future opportunities to discerning what is best for the future. Based on the present needs of the congregation, we anticipate at this time there will be an interim period of several months in which there will be time for the congregation to grieve and prepare for the next senior pastor. The cabinet is considering having someone work with the congregation’s leadership to identify:
What ministry makes Trinity unique and the special skills and experience needed for this type of ministry?

What changes are occurring in the culture, community, and Trinity, and the type of skills and experience needed in a new senior pastor?

Who will Trinity and its community be in five years, 10 years, and what type of leadership is needed in a senior pastor?

Please know that I am surrounding the congregation in prayer during this time of transitions and discernment.

In Christ love,

Eunice Vega-Perez
Superintendent, Skylands District