A Message from Pastor Jisun

Grace and peace be with you!

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve Trinity Church.  With all prayers and support, I was able to settle into this community, and my ministry smoothly.  Thank you!

Laughter and Love

I began my ministry at Trinity by first meeting with various members of the congregation, including church leaders, staff, volunteers, parents of children and youth, and others through Zoom or in-person meetings.  By spending time together individually and by listening to everyone’s stories and their passion for ministry, the relationships turned from strangers to friends who laugh and love together.  Although we are all different in many aspects, I am very grateful that we’re sharing the same love as children of God in one church community.

Prayers and Tears

As a pastor, it’s always a great privilege to listen to your prayer concerns.  This summer, many congregants I met shared their struggles and life challenges with me, and we brought them to God in prayers and tears.  I was glad to experience the power of prayer with our Trinity family.  In addition, a wonderful thing that the Family Ministry Team started during the summer was gathering together on Fridays and having time to pray for families who have children from age zero to twenty-one.  As we prayed for each family by calling their names one by one, I strongly felt that God held a purpose for everyone and presented the opportunity for prayer as a wonderful gift.  Although now we’re socially distancing, we still remain closely connected in spirit and in prayers.


Although God loves and treats each and every one of us as his own, God also finds great favor in us serving him as a collective faith community, as well as individuals.  As the name of our church reflects, God works for us as Trinity:  God the Father (Creator), God the Son (Savior), and God the Holy Spirit (Sustainer).  All of God's creations reflect the character of God as those who love the community.  In the natural world, it’s essential for all creation to live in pairs or as families.  The first humans also began in a community (family), not as individuals, and all of us are born in a family.  God provides us with a family that can practice love among each other.  Our relationship with God also reveals how God loves a family — God calls us beloved sons and beloved daughters to become our loving Father.  The Family Ministry Team of Trinity would like to help all families to maintain God’s will for us to live in harmony with one another.  Beginning in September, we’ll offer weekly online Bible lessons and activities, in-person small groups, prayers meetings, and monthly family events (e.g., Family Block Party, Family Apple Picking, etc.) to support families in becoming stronger.  I pray that through our family ministries, we can carry out the will of God together as one faith community.

In the love of Jesus Christ,

Pastor Jisun