Big Lessons from God’s Tiny Creatures

Dear Trinity Church family,

When I was a kid I spent lots of time outside in the summertime. And I well recall walking through tall grasses and seeing grasshoppers jump at my approach. I’d then look to where they landed and try to catch them. And when I occasionally did I recall the yucky brown “fluid” they emitted on my hand and I’d then toss them in the air, and watch them fly to the next weed. And I’d then do it again, with much joy. Grasshoppers are just one of the thousands of species of God’s creation that we are exploring in our sermon series “Big Lessons from God’s Tiny Creatures” with a look at the biblical experience of grasshoppers, in those days referred to as locusts. The Bible has a powerful story about them. I think you’ll be surprised how the locust became a symbol not only of destruction, but opened up a window of hope to God’s people, then and now.

Our weekend worship services include these additional components:

SATURDAY NIGHT WORSHIP AT 5:00 in TRINITY HOUSE (air conditioned) – The 10 Simple Rules praise band will lead us in music and Pastor Deb De Vos will lead and preach. Holy Communion will be shared.


8:15 CHAPEL – Pastor Anthony Pami will lead worship and share the sermon. The chapel is air conditioned.

9:15 SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Celebration Praise Band will lead us in music and I’ll share the sermon. Christopher Haytaian, a recent confirmand, will open the service with prayer and Carolyn Sunday will read the scripture. A reminder that summer 9:15 services include Children’s Time and Creative Activities for kids age 4 through grade 4.

10:45 SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Pastor Deb De Vos will be our liturgist and I’ll offer the sermon. Special music will be shared by Kim Anderson and Sarah Kuhns. We’ll also have the joy of sharing in the baptism of 5 children. We’ll have Children’s Time ans Creative Activities as usual.

All worship services will conclude with more good news that we will celebrate.

And acknowledging the heat of the summer, please feel free to dress comfortably for worship, and remember that cold water and fans are available for sanctuary worship.

AND A HISTORICAL NOTE – Today marks the 10th anniversary of the dedication and opening of Trinity House on our campus. Immediately after opening that building we began the 6 month renovation of out main sanctuary, which was concluded on time for Christmas Eve worship services that same year. Once again the community called Trinity Church will gather in worship this weekend. You will be blessed if you are among us.

Together in Christ’s service,