Caravan of Hope: Thank You!

Many thanks to all who participated in the Caravan of Hope II either by writing notes, labeling boxes, preparing the box meals, driving to the different locations, or handing out the meals. Through your service our Caravan of Hope II was a great success. We fed 5,460 people in one day!

Special thank you to our leadership team:

Co-Chairs: Glenn Ashton, Jane De Witt

Partner Recruitment Co-Chair: Carol Scranton, Joanne Stiehl

Food Procurement Co-Chair: Lori Murray, Joanne Hoff

Communication Co-Chair: Danielle Lenar-Cummins,

Kellie Pennington

Food Preparation Co-Chair: Cris & Bob Hom, Jordan Haytaian

Driver Logistic Co-Chair: Charlie Mulé, Kari Anzel

Meal Box Notes Co-Chair: Carol Reynolds, Tom Kimpland

Educational Initiative Chair: Kathy Grimwood