KidVenture (Age 2 – Grade 5)

What is KidVenture?

KidVenture is Trinity’s Sunday morning experience for children, two years old through the 5th grade. Instead of staying in one room for the entire hour, children will rotate to stations, including Storytelling, Missions, Art, Science, Movement, Spiritual Practices, and Music. The curriculum for students in 6th – 12th grades will remain the same.

How will KidVenture work?

Each week, children will report to their grade-specific “homeroom” at 9:15 am, where they’ll be met by the grade’s Shepherds (adults and youth who will be with the children throughout the morning). At 9:30 a.m, the Shepherds will take the children to their rotation station for the day. After being at the station for about a half-hour, the class will return to their homeroom where they’ll wrap up the morning and get ready to be dismissed to their parents.

Curriculum-wise, the year is divided into Bible-based study units that will last approximately five weeks each. For example, the first unit scheduled for September/October is David and Goliath. In the first week of the unit, all classes will report to the KidZone for an overview of the Creation unit with the Storytelling/Missions Teams. For the next four weeks, classes will rotate to each of the other stations: Art, Science, Movement, Spiritual Practices & Music. By visiting a different station for four weeks, children will have the opportunity to experience the Creation story using a different multi-intelligence each week. Our pre-K classes will also be part of KidVenture, but the stations will visit them in their classrooms.

When does KidVenture start?

Like past years, children need to be registered for KidVenture. Please bring it with you on Rally Day or mail it to the church prior. In addition, a Registration Tent will be set up outside of Trinity on Rally Day so you can register that morning. In case of inclement weather, the tent will be located in Starr Hall.

*Note: If your child has been registered for KidVenture in previous years, there’s no need to re-register your child unless any information has been changed.