Church Organist/Chancel Choir Director

Closes September 16th, 2016.

Job Summary:

This position is located in the Music Department at Trinity United Methodist Church. The Organist/Chancel Choir Director shall rehearse with the Chancel Choir at least once per week from September through June. Currently, this is on Thursday evenings from 7:30pm until 9:30pm and at other times as deemed necessary by the Director. The Organist/Chancel Choir Director is also responsible to practice the hymns for the Sunday service as provided by the lead pastor. The Organist/Chancel Choir Director shall be present at all Sunday services and at special services as required during the year. The holder of this position reports to the Senior Pastor. The organist provides organ music for all aspects of the weekly 10:45 service, plus Introit, the Chancel Choir anthems and related service music.


Hours: Ten hours per week.

Main Duties:

  • Select and purchase anthem, prelude, & postlude music for Sunday worship within the constraints of the pre-approved annual budget which is compatible with the weekly Trinity lectionary.
  • Accompany rehearsals of the Chancel Choir and other occasional rehearsals that require an organist/choir director.
  • Prepare prelude, a postlude, and one or two anthems for Sunday services unless other music is arranged with the Senior Pastor. Music titles will be given to the church secretary no later than Wednesday morning of the week preceding the Sunday service.
  • The Chancel Choir Director shall lead the Chancel Choir in the Sunday morning anthem(s), introits, and other special vocal selections.
  • The Chancel Choir Director will recruit and integrate new members into the Chancel Choir.
  • Direct, rehearse, and lead the Chancel Choir and other participants in special services such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Ash Wednesday, Easter, and/or other scheduled special services.
  • Work in cooperation with the other choir directors, if requested to do so, for special performances.
  • Report the need for maintenance and /or repair of any instrument to the Church Business Administrator.
  • Consult with the lead pastor prior to the Sunday services.
  • Meet bi-annually with the Senior Pastor and other music staff to establish a music calendar for the coming months.
  • In the event that the Organist/Chancel Choir Director cannot be available for a service for which he/she is responsible it shall be his/her responsibility to secure an adequate replacement.
  • The Organist/Choir Director shall organize, lead and present with the chancel choir and possible additional/singers/choirs at least one annual special musical offering such as a cantata, spiritual drama or other presentation, inviting parishioners and other musicians who are not typically in our musical groups to participate. This event may be within or beyond the bounds of a scheduled worship service.
  • Be a facilitator to secure musicians in and out of our congregation to enhance the worship experience. *Brass, soloists, etc.)
  • Shall be an ex-officio member of the Worship Ministry Team and meet with them as needed.
  • Sick/personal/vacation leave determined as per policy outlined in the Lay Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Be responsible, along with the Senior Pastor, for granting the use of the organ to other people. It is understood that the Organist/Chancel Choir Director always has primary access to the organ and other instruments under his/her domain.
  • The Organist has first option to play the organ for funerals and weddings as requested by the pastors. Remunerations will be based on the scale established by the church.
  • Communicate with the assigned Lay Personnel Ministry Team liaison on a monthly basis.
  • Keep the chancel choir room, music office and choir loft neat and orderly.
  • Submit an annual budget request to the Finance Ministry Team according to their time requirements.


  • Possess a growing and developing Christian faith.
  • Be able to play the organ, piano, and other keyboard instruments.
  • Be able to evaluate and develop vocal musical ability of Chancel Choir members.
  • Possess personal leadership, organizational and planning skills.
  • Have the ability to create and maintain a positive, spiritual climate for choir members.
  • Possess adequate knowledge of church and other religious music.
  • Understand and be supportive of the mission and vision of the church.
  • Insure that each choir rehearsal includes prayer.
  • Attend occasional staff meetings as available.
  • Use creative means to increase choir membership.

Salary: $18,000 – $21,000

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