Columbarium Construction Completed

After working on the creation of a columbarium for our property for about five years, this project has now been completed.

This beautiful 60-niche structure is located across from the entrance to Trinity House on East Moore St. It is also near our prayer labyrinth.

A columbarium houses urns with cremains. The urns are placed and sealed in niches with a plaque on the front identifying the person(s) whose cremains are housed there. The niches can hold either one or two urns.

In the Spring, a memorial garden will be created around the columbarium that will make a lovely place for loved ones to come, sit and reflect. Also in the Spring, with the completion of the garden, we’ll have a dedication service and also the inurnment of the first urns (a few families have been waiting for the completion of the columbarium).

About 22 of the niches have been sold, so there are many niches now available. The cost is significantly less that traditional burial. If you’d like to consider purchasing a niche for yourself or a loved one, call the church office at 908-852-3020.

One of the appealing aspects of our columbarium is that it’s located on our church property. And in so being, it will be permanently and perpetually cared for under the ministry of the church. Many thanks to our Memorial Garden Team who persevered through many delays and setbacks to finally bring this important project to completion.