Completing the Columbarium Memorial Wall

We need to sell only 20 more niches to have the funds to make our Columbarium a reality. If you are interested in finding a place of eternal rest right here at Trinity, please call the church office and ask to speak with someone from the Team. Trinity’s Columbarium provides:

  • A permanent resting place for you at your church
  • Lasting legacy for your family and you
  • A dignified, cost-effective program providing significant savings 
  • A warm familiar location for family members to visit
  • Peace-of-mind pre-planning

General Information to Help You:

  • A Columbarium is a structure designed to hold and memorialize cremated remains.
  • A Niche is the portion of the columbarium where the cremains is located.
  • An Urn is a box which holds the cremains.
  • Each Niche can hold up to two urns of cremains
  • The cost of a Niche varies:
    • A single is $2500
    • Two cremains in the same niche is an additional $500