Creation Care

New people join Trinity all the time. Some may not be aware of the church’s creation care mission. The United Methodist Church has established the importance of all participating congregations to strive toward goals of environmental stewardship. This includes the assessment and wise use of energy resources within our facilities, recycling, social justice and resource utilization, ecology education and awareness, and informed use of practices and substances that may cause harm to people and the environment.

Here at Trinity, we recycle. Look for receptacles marked for paper and combined glass/aluminum/plastics. We recycle cardboard that comes into our Thrift shops. When building improvements are being planned, we look at energy-saving choices. Energy-efficient lighting and energy-saving light switches are used throughout the campus. We encourage groups who provide food to use non-disposable dishware.

We’re mindful of how the land on our campus and around us is used. Our Communal Garden complies with good, safe gardening practices. The food that’s raised there benefits our Pantry. Creation Care practices helped establish an efficient watering system. And check out our Monarch butterfly waystation, a pesticide- and herbicide-free flower garden established to assist butterflies and bees — the garden is registered with a national Monarch waystation system. We care about the world our children will inherit!