Cyber Security Awareness

Dear Trinity family,

This is just a reminder to be very wary of emails you may receive seeking money for or on behalf of another person.  Sadly there are those who seek to manipulate and steal, and online scams are very common.

If you receive such an email it is best to not reply. Check the facts with the person by texting or calling about the email. Likewise, be alert for solicitations that seem to come from the church. Do not take any action until you call the church office to find out if there is an authorized solicitation underway. In particular, it's very unlikely that Trinity would solicit gift cards, which is a common method of scams.

If you believe your email account has been hacked contact your email administrator right away and notify your friends and family by calling or texting.   if you think another person's account has been hacked, please inform them right away as well.

Together let us seek to care for and protect each other.

Blessings and peace,