Questions We Ponder Sermon Series

Different People In The Same World – July 15th & 16th

Dear Trinity family,

It seems like so many of the world’s problems are because people are so different. Different cultures, different customs, different languages, different religions, and different opinions. No wonder it can take a family half an hour just to decide where to go for dinner! So this weekend, in the conclusion of our sermon series called, QUESTIONS WE PONDER, we ask – “Why Did God Make People so Different?” The Bible passage our theme is based on is Acts 2:1-21.


The 10 Simple Rules praise band will provide music and Pastor Jenny Smith Walz will share the sermon. (And a reminder that right after our worship service all are welcome to go to Alumni Field off of Willow Grove St for a picnic in the park, bring a side and dessert to share and the whole family for an evening of fellowship and fun)

8:15 CHAPEL WORSHIP – I will lead the service and share the sermon.

9:15 SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Pastor Jenny Smith Walz will lead the service and share the sermon.

10:45 TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – I’ll share the message and we will have special music shared by a cello duet.

Take some time this weekend to share in the weekly family reunion of Trinity Church, called worship.

Blessings and peace to you,