Director of Children’s Ministry

Reports to: Associate Pastor for Family Ministry and Senior Pastor

Position Mission and Responsibilities: To share the love and word of Jesus Christ with children – nursery through 5th grade – and their families, through a variety of children’s ministry opportunities. Provide leadership for a variety of children’s ministry areas, including but not limited to: KidVenture, Vacation Bible School, Christmas Pageant, Summer Sunday morning church activities for children, Memorial Day Parade, Family Celebration Events (i.e. Fat Tuesday), Special Needs Ministry, Children’s Workshops (Bible Blast, Baptism and Communion) and Retreats, Mid-Week Ministry (i.e. Sprouts, small groups), Nursery, Creative Activities.

Qualities Desired: A genuine love of God and all of God’s people.  A humble faith in Jesus Christ reflected in a life of consistent Christian character.  The director shall have high energy, strong communication skills including technology and social media, an ability to multi-task and deal with a variety of details and demands.

Specific Duties:

  • Develop and communicate, in consultation with the Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor, a vision and plan for the Children’s Ministry that will provide children with a solid Christian foundation of: biblical knowledge, Christian discipleship, worship understanding, mission knowledge and experience.
  • Communicate and meet with the Associate Pastor, Director of Middle School Ministry, Director of High School Ministry and Family Ministry Administrative Assistant on a regular basis in order to evaluate, envision, plan and implement ministry.
  • Recruit, train, organize, nurture and encourage laypersons who love Jesus Christ and who desire to serve the Lord by using their spiritual gifts to lead, teach, mentor, assist and help children and their families.
  • Be attentive to the need for pastoral care for children and to inform appropriate clergy of such need.
  • Develop and manage the ministry budget, in consultation with the Associate Pastor, Director of Middle School Ministry, Director of High School Ministry and the Finance Ministry Team.
  • Nurture and grow a personal relationship with Jesus through personal worship, devotions, Bible study, fellowship and service.
  • Stay “current” with the needs and “culture” of children and their families in the community and nationwide.
  • Enhance and gain skills relevant to the position by seeking out and attending continuing adult education programs, to be financed by the position’s continuing education account.
  • Provide leadership for a variety of children’s ministry areas, including but not limited to:
    • KidVenture
    • Christmas Pageant
    • Summer Sunday morning church avtivities for children
    • Memorial Day Parade
    • Family Celebration Events (i.e Fat Tuesday)
    • Special Needs Minstry
    • Children’s Workshops (Bible Blast, Baptism and Communion) and Retreats
    • Mid-week ministry (i.e. Sprouts, small groups)
    • Nursery
    • Creative Activities

Nursery and Creative Activities staff


  • Bi-weekly full staff meetings, Wednesdays, 10 – 11:30 am
  • Bi-annual program planning meetings
  • Family ministry team meetings
  • KidVenture meetings
  • Volunteer training/orientation meetings


  • A weekly summary report to the clergy team.
  • Weekly VitalSigns statistical report
  • Monthly reports to the Administrative Board
  • Reports as requested by pastors

Working conditions: One goal of Trinity United Methodist Church is to model for the world, fair, family friendly-employment practices. It is with this understanding that we write these working conditions:

  • The Director of Children’s Ministries will be part of a team of clergy and staff who will work together with the laity to meet the needs of the congregation and the community.
  • Due to the nature of ministry, the working hours of this job will vary dramatically from week to week and season to season. However, on the average, this job should not consume more than 30 hours a week.
  • Ministry with volunteers and for children and their families requires evening meetings and programs. However, in order to develop and maintain a healthy family life, it is understood that on the average, this position will not require more than three evenings away from home a week.

Salary Range – $ 17,500 – $19,500

Revised: August 2016

Please download and email your application to Lois Spender.

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