What Would Jesus Think Of

Our Divisions – Aug 12th & 13th

As we begin a new sermon series this weekend on “What Would Jesus Think of….” We start with the topic of “OUR DIVISIONS.” How ironic that this is the topic when the world is shaking because of international divisions between countries, and rumors of war are in the air. So perhaps it is even more important to come together as people of faith, to not only be reminded of Jesus’ teaching, but to pray together as we will do, in a special prayer for peace. The Bible passage this weekend is from Matthew 20:20-28.

Other details of our weekend worship services include:

SATURDAY AT 5:00 IN TRINITY HOUSE – The 10 Simple Rules praise band will lead us and Pastor Anthony will share the sermon.

8:15 CHAPEL WORSHIP – Rev. Paul Wells leads the services and offers the sermon. Jan Wells will share a song.

9:15 SANCTUARY WORSHIP – We’ll share in the sacrament of Holy Communion and I’ll offer the sermon.

10:45 TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Communion will again be shared, and Pastor Anthony will offer the sermon. Janet Charlton and Karen Reed will offer special music.

Also, when you come on Sunday you’ll note the start of construction work in our entrance makeover. The project is anticipated to take less than 2 weeks, so watch soon for a great improvement in our outside appearance. Hope to see you at our weekly family reunion!