God of Many Faces

In keeping with the theme of connecting with people, it’s worth it to look at Bishop Schol’s words again.

Prayer binds us with one another and with God. We can also do things together. I am proud because United Methodists in GNJ join together with Jews and Muslims for worship, fellowship and mission. It is a sign that we are all created by and worship the same God.

I also call each of you to speak up and bear witness when people demean other faiths, races and ethnicities. It is not of God when comments about others go unchecked in our homes, churches and community. As Christians and United Methodists, we are formed by shared values and an ethic to love God and our neighbor. We are formed by shared values and an ethic to do good, do no harm and to stay in love with God. We stay in love with God by doing good and not harm to our sisters and brothers of other faiths.

Let’s continue to serve and work together that God’s love may be seen and experienced through us.