Healing Wounded Hearts – Worship This Weekend Jan. 6th and 7th, 2018

This has been a “catch your breath” week for me, and perhaps for you. We took our Christmas tree down on New Year’s Day, cleaned up some Christmas remnants, and began feeling the typical routines of the days once again. God has a reason for these regular routines and rhythms of our lives. Whether it’s the routine of being awake and then asleep, our heart beating and then resting, or our labor and then our leisure, these rhythms are hard wired into our being by God. That’s clearly apparent in God’s creation of 6 days of work and then one day for the Sabbath, created by God for worship and giving attention to spiritual things. I hope you will make a new resolve this year to honor God’s plan and to make the rhythm of weekly worship a part of your life and your family life. It can only bless you and your family. This weekend at Trinity we begin exploring the healing power of God in a 3 part sermon series called Healing Wounded Hearts. We start by looking at the world of “REJECTION”. The Bible passage that helps us think about this is the parable of the prodigal son found in Luke 15:11-32.

Other details of worship include:
SATURDAY NIGHT WORSHIP AT 5:00 – The Meanz of Grace praise band will lead us in music and I’ll share the message. We’ll also have Holy Communion.

8:15 CHAPEL – Pastor Deb De Vos leads and preaches and Holy Communion will be shared.

9:15 – CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Our Celebration Praise Band will lead us in music and I’ll share the message. We’ll also dedicate our Haiti mission team to their ministry (previous Haiti team members are invited to attend and stand with our current team.)

10:45 – TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Our Chancel Choir provides music and Pastor Jenny assists and I’ll share the sermon. Once again we’ll dedicate our Haiti mission team.

In addition, we ask you to pick up your 2018 offering envelopes, if you have not yet done so. This will save the church significant postal costs. May the warmth of God’s love be a source of joy for you in these cold weather days. Together in Christ’s service.