Human Relations Day Weekend – February 3rd & 4th

There’s a popular song I recently heard on the radio. The title and lyrics ask “YOU’VE GOT TO LET ME KNOW… SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?” While the song is about a romantic relationship, the question is relevant for our spiritual journey. This weekend we continue exploring that journey under the banner of Divine Directions – acknowledging that God does indeed give us directions for what we are to do and this weekend we look at God’s command to STAY. Our two Bible texts are Ruth 1:15-18. Other details of our worship services include:

SATURDAY NIGHT WORSHIP AT 5:00 – Our casual worship service will include music by the Meanz of Grace praise band, and I’ll share the message. Holy Communion will be served.

8:15 CHAPEL – Our quiet traditional chapel service is led by Pastor Jenny Smith Walz. Holy Communion will be served.

9:15 – CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Our Celebration Praise Band leads us in praising God with music and I’ll share the message.

10:45 – TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Music will be shared by the Trinity Ringers, the Brick Church Ringers, and our Chancel Choir. I’ll share the message.  And we’ll be welcoming special guests for our annual Human Relations Day observance as we recognize the Centenary University community, with students, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni present with us.  Dr. David Haney, President of the University, will be with us and will share a few words. (There is a reception for our guests at 10:00 in the Rotunda and you are welcome to attend and to greet them there.)
In addition:
Lenten small group sign ups continue – and I ask you to please consider giving time and effort to be in one of our 23 small groups that will meet weekly for 6 weeks.  The material is excellent, as we’ll explore a book by Adam Hamilton entitled Final Words From The Cross – looking at the final words of Jesus on the cross.  In addition sermons during Lent will focus on these words.  You can sign up to be in a group and also buy a book (just $8.00) after all worship services this weekend.
HOAGIE PICK UP – we’re pleased to announce that the United Methodist Men have received orders for 232 hoagies in their annual fund raiser for the Matthias Torgersen Scholarship Fund. Ordered hoagies can be picked up on Sunday morning before and after worship.  Also there may be extra hoagies – so if you did not order one stop by and see if there are extras.
I hope you’ll give God a couple of hours this weekend by worshiping with his church.