In His Steps Ministry Team

Throughout this year, our congregation has been living our stewardship theme: Imagine…Dreaming Big Dreams for God. We encourage everyone to keep dreaming big and remember that anything is possible through God. Many people have been dreaming big dreams this year, and acting on their dreams by serving our church and community. Church youth and adult participants have dreamed big by agreeing to go without food and serve our community for 24 hours by signing up for the B-1 Fast. Trinity folks have dreamed big by preparing and serving a community dinner every month where anyone is welcome to enjoy a free meal. Trinity youth and adults have dreamed big by agreeing to spend part of their summer with the Appalachian Service Project (ASP), helping people in need to make their homes safer and more livable. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and local school children have dreamed big and collected hundreds of food items for The Lord’s Pantry. Members of our Trinity community have dreamed big and gone on many mission trips, both locally and abroad. Our church members have been using their time, talents and treasure to help people both in our community and in the world at large. How are you dreaming big dreams for God?