Worship This Weekend 2017

Jan 7th & Jan 8th

It may be fair to say that every day I am involved in trying to give hope to someone. Whether in casual conversation, counseling over a family matter, praying for a sick person, writing a note, or supporting a ministry team or church leader, all of these activities in some way represent an offer of hope. We all need hope. Maybe you need a large measure of it today! That’s why the 4 part new sermon series that begins this weekend addresses this matter. It’s called SOURCES OF HOPE. The message this weekend is entitled The Power of Together. It’s based on a great biblical story in the Old Testament: Exodus 17: 8 – 12. Other details of our weekend worship services include

SATURDAY AT 5:00 IN TRINITY HOUSE The Meanz of Grace praise band will lead us in music, we’ll share in Holy Communion and I’ll bring the sermon.
8:15 CHAPEL WORSHIP Pastor Jenny Smith Walz will lead the service and preach.
9:15 CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP Our Celebration Praise Band will lead music and I’ll share the sermon.
10:45 TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP The Chancel Choir provides special music, Pastor Jenny is the liturgist and I’ll share the sermon.

As always we have some special tidbits of Good News at the end of each worship service. Also, if you have not yet picked up your 2017 offering envelopes we ask you to do so, in order to save the church postage costs. The new year is well upon us, and I encourage you to worship with the Trinity family this weekend…where you’re sure to receive lots of HOPE. Blessings and peace