June 3rd & 4th- Worship This Weekend

This weekend we are having a birthday celebration at church. That’s because this is Pentecost the official birthday of the church. In the Bible it is recorded that on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples and a gathered crowd and spiritually empowered them in a new way…and from that point on, they began to go and tell everyone about the risen Jesus. They reported that something like tongues of fire descended on them during this spiritual experience. Thus the color of Pentecost is RED. This Weekend in Worship we invite you to Wear Red and to come to the table of grace as we celebrate Holy Communion in all 4 worship services. The scripture passage we’ll explore is Matthew 22:1-10. Here are some more details of our services:

The Meanz of Grace Praise Band will share music, we’ll welcome new church members and Pastor Don will share the message.

8:15 – CHAPEL – Rev. Paul Wells will lead worship and preach and his wife Jan will share a song.
9:15 – CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Celebration Praise Band will offer music, and I’ll share a message.
10:45 – TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Chancel Choir and Trinity Ringers will share music and we’ll thank 4 of the Ringers who are heading off to college. I’ll share a message.

You’ll also hear and read some of the parishioner reflections on the Trinity Ministry under our current 4-week CHURCH ALIVE Emphasis, and as noted above, Holy Communion will be held in all services. You’ll have an opportunity to order a carnation in honor or memory of a loved one for Father’s Day (June 18) So I invite you to make worship with your church family a priority this weekend. You will be welcomed with open arms and hearts.

Blessings and peace,