Lent 2018 is Here

Dear Trinity family,

Have you ever been hurt by the words of another? Have you ever been blessed by the words of another? Words matter – a great deal. This weekend we begin exploring the final words of Jesus Christ – words spoken through the agony of his suffering on the cross – as he was dying. This first weekend in Lent begins the 6 week sermon series on these words. (Simultaneously over 200 parishioners will be meeting in one of our 25 weekly small groups to dig deeper into these words – and also reading our congregational study book Final Words by Adam Hamilton). This weekend we consider “Father, forgive them – for they know not what they do.” The full Bibles text is in Luke 23:26, 33-34a.

In addition, our 4 weekend worship services include:

SATURDAY NIGHT WORSHIP AT 5:00 – Pastor Jenny Smith Walz will lead worship with music by the Meanz of Grace praise band.


8:15 CHAPEL – Pastor Paul Wells will lead worship and preach with special music by Jan Wells.

9:15 – CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Celebration Praise Band will provide music. I’ll share the message and Holy Communion will be celebrated.

10:45 – TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP — We’ll have special music by the Chancel Choir and Pastor Jenny Smith Walz will play a duet with Henry Gehring. I’ll share the sermon and Holy Communion will be shared.

In addition –

Our children’s Bible Memory Verse Game begins as younger children will repeat the weekly Bible verse they have learned. There are 6 verses our young souls are learning. Kids should find the pastor at the Lily Pad after or before worship in Trinity House (Sat) or Starr Hall (Sun).