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Lent Small Groups Sign Ups

Ever wonder how you got into this mess? And whether anyone is around to help you clean it up? Whether the mess we find ourselves in has to do with relationships, work, finances, health, family, addictions, legal issues, or just some accident or mistake, God is ready to get messy with us, address the mess, and restore us. Small Groups are wonderful ways to connect with people of similar interests and connect in prayer.

Small groups begin the week of March 1st. Groups will meet at various times and places throughout the week. Some meet at the church, others meet at people’s homes, and one will be online. Each meets for six weeks. If you are looking to lead or host one of our Lent Small Groups there will be training, materials, and support for our leaders throughout Lent. Hosts offer their homes as meeting spaces and can be paired with a leader if hosts prefer not to host and lead simultaneously. Additionally, we’re hoping to have at least one group meet outside the church in a community locale, like a library, community center, restaurant, coffee shop, etc. and particularly invite people not already connected to Trinity church. If you are interested in hosting or leading a group please contact Pastor Deb. Sign up for a small group after worship in Starr Hall, the Chapel, or inside the Trinity House. For more information please contact Pastor Deb at