May 5th & 6th – Worship This Weekend

Dear Trinity Friends,

I remember looking at a small field of old apple trees. It was last fall, when such trees were soon to be filled with large apples ready for picking. But not these trees. They were all bare of apples. Oh they looked good from a distance, with lots of dark green leaves. But their purpose was gone, for they were not producing any more apples.
This weekend we’ll be exploring a similar story of a non-producing tree. It’s in Luke 13:6-9 (You may be surprised at the end of the story.)
Other details of our weekend services include:

Saturday at 5:00 in Trinity House
Music will be offered by the Meanz of Grace praise band, Pastor Deb De Vos will give the sermon, and Holy Communion will be shared.


8:15 CHAPEL WORSHIP – Pastor Paul Wells will lead the service and preach, with Jan Wells sharing a solo. Holy Communion will be shared.
9:15 CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Our Youth Praise Band will offer music and Pastor Anthony Pami will lead and preach.
10:45 TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Music will be shared by the Chancel Choir, and I’ll offer the sermon. Pastor Paul Wells will assist, and we’ll take a moment to thank him for 26 years of volunteer ministry.

Please note that coffee time will be held in the foyer this Sunday, since Starr Hall will be set up for the 12:30 Paul-Abration lunch and program.