Questions We Ponder Sermon Series

A Missed Opportunity – July 8th & July 9th

Good day Trinity family,

I lost my opportunity to play on the college baseball team. I got injured and then gave up. But if I had not been injured I might not have lost the opportunity. One of many losses in my life. Have you ever pondered why life has so may losses, and so many of them very painful?

That’s the question we’ll ponder together in our worship services this weekend. To help us explore this theme we’ll look at an experience recorded in the Bible in John 11:28-37.

In addition, worship this weekend will give you two unique things you cannot get anywhere else. Here are some specific details of our 4 worship services:

The Meanz of Grace praise band will provide music and Pastor Deb De Vos will share the sermon.

8:15 CHAPEL WORSHIP – Pastor Paul Wells will lead the service and share the sermon. Jan Wells will share a solo.
9:15 CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Celebration Praise Band will offer music and I’ll share the message.
10:45 TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – We’ll celebrate the sacrament of baptism with 4 families, and I’ll share the message. Jan Wells will offer a solo.

In addition:

  • We’ll share more items of good news of what God is doing in and through our congregation.
  • You can share your God sightings on our summer God sightings board.
  • You can sign up for your child or grandchild to attend Vacation Bible School (it starts in 2 weeks)

You’ll have the opportunity to be with other Christians who share your faith and spiritual values – something that always brings us strength and hope.

A reminder that Trinity House and our Chapel are air conditioned and that our sanctuary is fan conditioned, so dress comfortably, bring a friend, and experience God in worship this weekend at Trinity.

Blessings, joy, and peace to you and those whom you love!