Trinity Church Nurtures and Spreads Good News Every Weekend

At every worship service,  we share Good News stories.  Trinity Church’s members are involved in so many wonderful, positive missions and services that we run out of time to share all have done during worship.

You too can feel proud of the mission work our Trinity members and friends have done recently! Read the list of amazing Good News stories that  Rev. Frank Fowler has shared.

In the May 2016 issue of UNITED METHODIST RELAY publication, an article, “And that is Good News”, describes how our church proudly offers a sense of affirmation about God at work in our community. Although the online version is not yet available, Trinity Church staff members have a copy of the article.

Tony Albanese and Peter Smith have made a big difference in their Prison Ministry service. Just read a few of the letters that we have received as a result of their visits.