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  1. I started coming to Trinity decades ago looking for spiritual community. At one of the earliest services I attended, Frank handed out a green card with Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That was my go to verse for all the trials that have come and gone. Frank also challenged us to read the Bible, get to know it and discuss its application to real life in small groups. Though we have sinced moved to Georgia, the strength of Christian fellowship that Frank inspired is still with me. I give thanks for his leadership and ache for Karen and his daughters in their loss of his loving presence. Hugs to all.
    Jo Kohler

  2. Frank is someone I will never forget. I have known Frank since we were in high school. We were also in Sunday School together and youth group. When Frank returned to be Senior Pastor at Trinity, my son, Lance was Angela’s age. Lance loved Pastor Frank. Frank performed my second marriage to Dennis. He baptized my daughter, Bonnie, and watched he grow up in the church. He was with us in the hospital when we almost lost Dennis and was with us again when he finally lost his battle with lung cancer. He always asked us how we were doing. Frank will be greatly missed by all. There is no other like him.
    One thing that I have always remembered was something that happened at Christmas Eve service when Bonnie was only 6 months old. She had been born 3 months early at only 2 lbs. 2 oz. She had spent 100 days in the NICU. We referred to her as our “miracle baby”. As Frank was walking into church at the end of the choirs processional he stopped by me in the back of the church and asked me if I would bring Bonnie down with me and light the “Christ candle” when it was time. Of course, I couldn’t say “no” to Frank but I was terrified. Bonnie was our miracle, but Christ was the world’s miracle.

  3. Gloria Thornton Flesch

    Pastor Frank was a Man of God who brought a unique intelligence to his sermons. He was a man of spiritual power & a man of empathy & vision. He gave his life to Trinity & the church reflected his devotion. He loved Haiti & brought to the church his love of the Haitian people. I remember one hot July summer a Haitian choir gave a concert & it was beautiful. The church may have been very hot but it felt right to share the joy of music in the sanctuary & feel the warmth. I hope Trinity continues to serve Haiti in Frank’s honor.
    Frank baptized me, as an adult & my two daughters, Katherine & Valerie. That was a very special day for me.
    When my daughter, Katherine, passed away at age 21, Frank was there to share that sorrow.
    I am so saddened to learn of Frank Fowler III passing on — My deep condolences to his wife, his five daughters & the grandchildren —-

  4. Luis and Dee Eguren

    Pastor Frank has been a true blessing to our family. He embodied Christ to us through his teaching and his spirit. Even after we moved away from the area, he remained our pastor. Always available to respond to emails and phone calls. This type of leader, pastor, and friend, only comes once in a lifetime and we are truly blessed to have shared in it.

    He will always be remembered as a kind soul. We love you Pastor Fowler and we will miss you.

    Love; Luis and Dee Eguren

  5. Pastor Frank brought so many to know our real God, Jesus, ,and The Holy Spirit. I know our teachings from Frank will spread as we live and show others by example. Thank you. Trinity will thrive because you were there. Sincere sympathy to Karen and family and to all the many who loved, learned, worshipped, prayed, cried, and laughed with Pastor Frank.

  6. Dorla and I are so sorry to hear of Frank’s death. Our family were members when Frank was appointed senior Pastor at Trinity in 1983. It was our pleasure to grow under Frank’s leadership. Although we moved to North Carolina in 1991 we still call Trinity our church home. We looked forward to worshipping with Frank when we returned to visit our daughter, Michele. Son-in-Law, Chris and granddaughter, Kayleigh. in Hackettstown. We enjoyed the weekly online Worship services during COVID.
    We are praying for God’s Blessings and Grace for Karen and Frank’s daughters Faith, Angelia and Christine and their families during this very difficult time.
    We know he will be missed at Trinity.

    Earl and Dorla Bowers

  7. The Reali Family

    The very first time my daughter and I visited Trinity, as Catholics, we were approached by Pastor Frank before the start of the service. He said, “hello, I don’t think I know you.” I didn’t realize how poignant those words would be for me. We exchanged pleasantries and he welcomed us so warmly into the Trinity family. For days his words stayed with me, “I don’t think I know you…” which meant that he knew everyone else who was there. That was exceptional. That was the kind of church I wanted to belong to. We joined Trinity as a family soon thereafter and developed a wonderful relationship with Pastor Frank. Quite often, I’d run into him at Weis on Friday mornings – and he always greeted me by name and would ask about specific projects I was working on, he had an impeccable memory! My heart is just broken at his passing. He was a beautiful “Soul along the way” as his book is titled, and he certainly made a difference in my life. He will be deeply missed.

  8. I Remember the first day Frank arrived at Trinity with his then young family. We knew right from the start he was going to change Trinity for the better. We became close friends and enjoyed sailing Long Island Sound and seeing a broadway show. He baptized my grandchildren and confirmed my children. He was there for me when Richie was so sick. He prayed with me and Richie. He was comforting when Richie passed. He helped me to cope. I will miss him.

    Love and blessings
    Darlene Meeh

  9. The Brameyer Family

    As I sit and reflect on Pastor Frank – the one word that keeps coming to mind is ‘present’ – it’s what you hear in every story and note about him that has been shared….630am drop-off for DC Bus…Frank was there…at the hospital with an illness….Frank was there…Needed someone to talk to…Frank was there… Memorial Day Parade…Frank was there etc. etc – Frank’s presence was remarkable…he was always there….in a way he mimicked God’s presence in our lives but in human form.  There was a comfort he provided in him always being present…we will sorely miss his presence but have it always be a reminder that God is always there.

    The Brameyer Family

  10. When I think of Frank, I think of my dad, Matt Torgersen. He made it possible for my dad to work part time as the Minister of Visitation (which was dad’s favorite part) at Trinity when he retired from the District. My dad loved being part of Trinity church and part of the staff at Trinity. When my dad passed, my second call was to Trinity to talk to Frank (the first was my husband). Frank went to the hospital to be with my mom, brother and sister in law…. I was on the drive down from CT. My favorite picture of Frank and dad was them standing back to back in their robes when the Yankees and Mets were playing in the World Series. At the family funeral for dad, my eldest daughter made a point of showing Frank that she had a Mets shirt under her sweater. He said your grandpa would love that. He wasn’t my actual pastor on a day to day basis, but he was always there when I/my family needed him. Rest In Peace Frank and love to Karen and the family.

  11. My condolences and prayers to the Fowler family. May God send an angel to walk with each one of you during this heartbreaking journey.

    I have only been at Trinity for 2 years, during that time Pastor Frank has taught me so much about loving God and one another, about relationships and the various stages it goes through.

    Death ends a life as well as our in person relationship that we had with a person, but it does not end the spiritual relationship. I will miss Pastor Frank so much that only my silent tears can express. His guiding and encouraging words will always be a part of my life. Whenever the opportunity arises I share his teachings about having faith in your darkest moments.

    He gave me a book on leadership which I love. I read a passage in it weekly; sometimes I’ll read the same passage over and over, one of them being “Growing To Your Potential” because it reinforces his teachings and I imagine him standing in front me saying those things as he keeps eye contact with me to ensure that I’m listening.

    I prayed that he would recover to stay here on earth with us, but it wasn’t to be. God came quietly to comfort him and to guide him back home to His kingdom.

    Song “When my way grows drear precious Lord linger near
    When my light is almost gone
    Hear my cry, hear my call
    Hold my hand lest I fall
    Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home”

  12. First let me say to the Fowler family I’m so sorry for your loss frank was a great man. Frank was always there with open arms he immediately made me feel comfortable I went threw a painful divorce then a year later my mom who was my best friend passed away frank would sit and talk to me and helped me threw such a dark time in my life. One Christmas I couldn’t afford food for Christmas dinner and he gave me a huge turkey. He was so much to so many he will be forever missed and never forgotten the lord must of really needed his help I’m comforted in knowing that we all have a special angel watching over us

  13. diane streckfuss

    We do not belong to this church but my daughter does. Every Christmas we come for the beautiful service. We have met Pastor Frank many times. He was a wonderful caring Pastor. We Bless his family friends and co-work workers in this time of sorrow. We know he is with Jesus in Heaven.

    Diane and Rich Streckfuss

  14. Marybeth and Wayne DiBernard

    We were blessed to have Frank marry us almost 22 years ago. We are grateful to also have had Pastor Frank confirm our sons Jason and Christopher. The love and caring Frank showed to our family and his Trinity family will be the memories we will hold dear and close to our hearts forever. Blessings and peace to all.

  15. Carol Lou Doherty

    Just looking in his eyes made you know how much he cared, how much he loved each and every one of us. Frank was always there whenever you needed him, with support, encouragement, and friendship. He had a way of making you feel special. I will always miss him.

  16. Cindy and Glenn Reynolds

    Our prayers and condolences to all of The Fowler family and all who knew Pastor Frank.
    Frank was our Pastor and our friend. Such a very special man! Such a great speaker. We loved his sermons. He baptized 2 of 3 our sons, married one of them. Came walking into the Hospital early in the morning to visit Glenn before his heart procedure. Was with us for our loved ones passing, celebrated happy occasions, baptized our kids and grand kids and even visited us in Ft Myers, Fl after we moved here. We so enjoyed his visits to Fl. Spent the day fishing, talking, laughing and ended the day with dinner and prayer. The next day he was up early and off to see other friends in the area. He was so giving…had time and love for so many. We’re so thankful for the memories. It was such a gift to have known him. He will be greatly missed.
    Cindy and Glenn Reynolds

  17. Fran and Andy Febus

    I am Deb De Vos’ cousin. My husband and I live in Orlando Fl and started watching the Sunday sermons a few months before Pastor Frank became ill. What started out as curiosity and hopes of catching Deb’s sermons; comparing it to the Catholic faith(which we grew up with); and for me the Pentecostal faith in recent years, quickly turned into our looking forward each Sunday to sitting together to watch this soft spoken pastor. We were taken by the way he addressed and taught the children while making it interesting for adults as well. He inspired me to delve more deeply on the Word. If a pastor can have a positive impact in such a short time, I can only imagine the multiple lives he has touched over the years. Our prayers go out to his family and congregation. As Christians we believe that this life is not the end. Until you meet with him again.

  18. Dawn Miller Erickson

    My Family was fortunate enough to meet “Young” Frank Fowler. Frank was my father’s student pastor while we lived in Blairstown NJ. Frank attended West Virginia Wesleyan College( yes Dad ,Douglas Miller , Recruited even back then, for his beloved Wesleyan.
    On Sunday mornings, afternoons and evenings, Frank became a “Miller “ . Student ministers very often were adopted by their church Families.
    Once you became a part of our Family it was for a lifetime.
    Through our many loses over the years , that the Fowlers and Millers endured, we never lost touch.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Fowler Family and only find peace in knowing that Frank rests in the loving arms of Jesus . We love you Frank❤️ Until we meet again.

  19. In 1983, my family and I followed a new family with three little girls with long blonde curls into the front doors of Trinity Church. We did not know this was the new minister, but quickly found out, and have been blessed with a lifelong friendship and love for this family.
    Frank has confirmed both our daughters, married them both, and confirmed all four of our grandchildren.
    We have watched his daughters grow from beautiful little girls to beautiful women whose lights shine brightly for our Heavenly Father. He has been so proud of all five of his daughters, and spoke of them and his grandchildren often.
    He has laughed with us, shed tears with us, raced frogs with us, listened, prayed, and been there always for all of us. We will miss you.

  20. Barbara & Andy Martin

    When we attended Trinity Church for the first time over 25 years ago and we watched Pastor Fowler invite kids to the alter for children’s time, we knew Trinity was the church for us. Frank always made church a family experience for everyone by naturally relating to parishioners of all ages. He could talk to the kids in ways they would understand, while still making the children’s lesson fun for the adults to listen to as well. We marveled at how he always knew what to say to kids, even when discussing serious matters. He had an uncanny ability to speak to an entire congregation while making it seem like he was talking to each one of us personally. Frank was devoted to providing social and mission opportunities for everyone. We have many fond memories of Frank- his leadership, his kind words, his genuine concern for others. He made us smile when he played the banjo and sang songs. He laughed with us and joked with us. He shared life stories and listened to ours. He led us by example through good times and bad. Above all, he showed us what it means to live a Christian life by putting others before yourself. We will miss you, Frank.

  21. First, my sincere and deepest sympathy to Karen and his family. I have so many memories of Pastor Frank, but will share but just a few. His blue eyes truly mirrored his soul. They were eyes of compassion and understanding. He truly listened, after church I often would skirt around and behind him as I wanted those many who were waiting in line to speak to him to have that chance. He did the funerals for my mom and dad and for my out of state brother whose funeral was in Dover on a day very close to Christmas. Frank always called, no matter the incident when I needed to speak to him.
    Then I will always remember all the church events with great memories. Bible studies, Trinity Day, church picnics, Dinner Church, Haiti Mission trips, church concerts to name just a few. We always knew church would never be cancelled even if there was a blizzard.
    I would often see Pastor Frank at Weis Market…Fridays (his day off) and we’d talk briefly. He was well known and loved around our little country town. He often came into Stella G’s the years I was a hostess there, meeting with clergy or community leaders. (Decaf, milk, no sugar).
    I shall so miss his wonderful messages and singing. When I would thank him for a wonderful sermon, he would always point heavenward, giving God all the glory. We sure will miss you Pastor Frank. God must have a special assignment for you. ❤️

  22. Our family could never thank Pastor Frank enough for the ways he welcomed us into his church family. Always supporting and encouraging us to be our best, to discover our god given gifts and to use our gifts to help others. Our family is eternally grateful! Frank was a wonderful man who has made a tremendous impact on countless lives near and far, we are all better for having known him. May we all carry his legacy on and may he Rest In Peace ❤️

  23. Linda and David Janiszewski

    We will deeply miss Frank Fowler.  The comments above are so well written by others and capture so many of his awesome traits and gifts that I too observed.  My Husband David and I moved to the Hackettstown area in 2009.  We moved from Clinton, NJ, where Pastor Jeannie Pearson was the Minister.  Pastor Jeannie was also gifted by God in many ways.  She told us many times about Pastor Fowler and how he guided her through her studies to obtain her Doctorate from Drew University.  When upon our move, Pastor Jeannie strongly recommended the United Methodist Church in Hackettstown, NJ, I knew it would be right for us.  And it was.  After our first service with Frank preaching, David and I joined Trinity right away.  Pastor Frank just seemed like family.  We always looked forward to Pastor Frank’s messages!  We too felt – as others have said – that his sermons were directed at us!  He touched on our thoughts and worries so many times, always with thought provoking messages.       

    I feel certain that the reason that Pastor Frank never forgot a name was that he had a gift of caring deeply for everyone!  I told him about my son and daughter-in-law expecting a new baby and then after that he asked about them all -by name- every single week.  He seemed as anxious to meet the baby as we were!  When my other son and his wife lost their precious first baby at 19 days old,  Reverend Fowler was there for us, answering any and all questions in meetings, on the phone, or even email.  One question that we tried many ways to ask was “WHY?”  But – as another member wrote above – Pastor Frank’s answer was “I don’t know; but we will know one day”.  That was total honesty and brought us to realize that God does have His reasons for everything.  We have to TRUST that.  I think of that answer as I struggle with Pastor Frank’s death, again wanting to ask the question “WHY ?”,  knowing the answer is “We will know one day…”

    Many times Pastor Frank displayed his love of God and the Church.  I was especially struck by how much he loved the Trinity Haiti projects and proudly detailed everything they accomplished.  The Haiti Earthquake of 2010 was frightening.  Many buildings collapsed.  We were all worried for Frank and the congregation that were there for the relief project.  After his return, he detailed the ways in which he realized God was there protecting him and the others, all in unusual coincidental ways.  He was always a man of strong Faith;  always a man that loved all people.  
    God Bless Pastor Frank Fowler, his wife and his family.  He will be missed and loved forever.

  24. I know Frank through each of his daughters. I know and love Angela, Christina and Faith so dearly. What a privilege it has been getting to know their dear father through them. I had opportunity to come up to NJ and stay with Frank and Karen one summer about 14 years ago. Best sweet corn I’ve ever eaten!! What was most apparent to me was how dedicated Frank was to his ministry and yet also deeply connected to his girls and their families. I could feel his devotion to Karen and her own children as well. I have loved hearing stories of how Frank has cared for his community with great warmth. I imagine those stories will be told for generations to come. Go and rest now in the arms of the One who loves you the very most, Frank.

    Alexis (“the fourth Fowler sister”)

  25. Pastor Frank was such a wonderful man and I always enjoyed his sermons. He truly spoke from his heart and had such a wonderful memory. I was amazed that he remembered everyone’s name and the way he inspired people of all ages.
    One of my favorite memories was when he sang a solo at the Christmas Eve service with his beautiful voice. I will never forget him. My sincere condolences to Karen, his daughters, and grandchildren.

  26. Sandy and Lee Spitzenfeil

    When our granddaughter was seven and diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor, Pastor Frank was the first person I contacted. I remember sitting in the cafeteria at CHOP crying and listening to his words of hope, faith and encouragement. I volunteer at the food pantry and Frank would stop by to see how Amanda was doing. Amanda just celebrated her 15th birthday, miracles happen and our prayers answered. Frank liked to visit the pantry just before closing time, making sure we didn’t leave a minute or two early, just incase there was a family that needed to be fed!
    Lee and I enjoyed Pastor Franks sermons, I often felt he was talking directly about and to me, always so heartfelt and inspirational.
    Our prayers and condolences to Pastor Frank’s family, he will be sadly missed by all❤️

  27. Frank was the president of the tour choir at W V Wesleyan College in 1970. He was part of a
    group of 72 that made a six-week tour of eight countries that summer. Six weeks together in close connection can test the patience of folks. Even then Frank was a pastor to his peers. We
    had many discussions about how we treat (love) our fellow human beings. Trinity was always a
    place we could count on to host Concert Chorale while we were touring. The last time I talked with Frank it was about his missionary work; our church was active as well then. I cannot imagine the loss for the Trinity family and Frank’s family. I pray for grace and peace for all.
    Larry Parsons

  28. I was saddened to hear of the passing of Frank Fowler. I met Frank when we worked at Jeff Lake Camp in Byram during the summer in the 1960’s. Frank was in high school and told me he wanted to become a Methodist minister and be at Trinity in Hackettstown. Many years later as I drove through Hackettstown I saw the pastor of Trinity was Frank Fowler. I stopped and we spent time catching up. I stopped two more times when in the area. Frank always had time. Frank was truly a rock for his church. My condolences to his family.

  29. Tom & Laurie Sokalski

    Our prayers and condolences go out to the Fowler family and the Trinity church family on the passing of Pastor Frank. When we moved to Hackettstown over 30 years ago, we were looking for a church that we could call home–one that would welcome both the Catholic (Tom) and Protestant (Laurie). We went to every church in the area and one day we decided to try Trinity. Well, one sermon from Frank Fowler and we knew we had found “our home”. After the service we both looked at each other and said “this is it”. Since that day, we can honestly say that every message Frank gave felt like it was directed at us. It was like he knew what was on our mind, we would joke about it on the way home “how did he know?” We have since found out that we were not alone in our thinking! Frank truly got to know so many of the members and their children. Not many pastors are willing to reach out and get to know everyone, truly the measure of a Good Shepherd. He has baptized and confirmed our 2 children, and even performed a surprise (to Tom) renewal of vows at our anniversary of 25 years. My children loved attending VBS and especially remember his “watermelon song” on the banjo. Our children are the fine adults they are today because we joined Trinity. We have met so many wonderful people and made friends and joined groups that we might not have because Frank invited us to be a part of Trinity–not just attend on Sunday, but participate wholeheartedly. We don’t know what our lives would have been like if we hadn’t heard his sermon that day! When Laurie went to work in the church office 3 years ago, it was with some trepidation because she didn’t want to see if Frank was different in the office than he was on the pulpit. She needn’t have worried because he was the same inspiring, energetic “cheerleader of the church” that we knew him to be on Sundays. His love of God, his dedication and his desire for wanting Trinity to be the best it could be was infectious and made everyone try a little harder, dig a little deeper and trust a little more. When Laurie had back surgery and had to leave her position in the office, he called the day of the surgery and prayed with her. We know he did this with many people, helping to calm them and give them a measure of peace. We still find it unbelievable that we won’t see Frank again at the Trinity doors welcoming everyone with that big smile and vibrant blue eyes–he never aged in the 30 years we’ve been here–maybe that’s why this is even harder to believe. We’d like to believe that he is now leading us from a different pulpit with the same message he has always preached: to love God, love each other and trust that God has a great plan for your life. Rest in peace Pastor Frank, you have earned the right to hear “well done good and faithful servant”. Our sincerest condolences to Karen, sister Barbara, children Angela, Faith, Christina, Savannah, Emily, and the grandchildren that he cherished so much.

  30. Losing the person who seemed to be our guiding light during times such as these, leaves us all at a loss of how to move forward. But I hear him… he is hoping we have listened well to his lessons each week and he’s praying we will find our way in his absence and to truly believe with our whole hearts that all will be well ♥️

  31. Chris (Mitchell) MacDonald

    What an incredibly difficult thing to put into words, how Frank has impacted my life. My family moved to NJ at the same time that Frank was just starting his ministry at Trinity. I was 5 years old then and he has been a constant strong presence and guidance in my life ever since. He and my father, Mike Mitchell, were very good friends and Frank was ever present during my dad’s struggle with cancer. I will absolutely never forget that he came to the hospital before my fathers surgery and came into surgical prep and prayed with us around his bed. I will never forget him walking into my parent’s bedroom to sit with us as my father left this earth. How did he know? How did he show up at JUST the right time? It’s truly amazing.

    My childhood memories include his love of frogs. The golden frog award at church, frog eyes bible verses, the frog jumping contests at Camp Merryheart for the church picnics. All the children would catch frogs and bring them that day, it was such fun and Frank was always in charge of running that contest. Children’s Time with Matthew the monkey was always one to look forward to as well. But of course the absolute strongest childhood memory was Frank with his banjo at Vacation Bible School every summer singing his silly songs which my children now sing today! Some of you may recall Big Blue, the blue bus that the church had purchased. I have memories of sweeping out Big Blue on the weekend when my dad would be down at the church construction site checking over the new building progress. I know the two of them shared such visions on what Trinity could someday be and Frank saw many of those visions come to be reality. Frank even made an appearance when I was in college at UCONN. Turns out as I was showing up for my late night Cheerleading practice, Frank had just attended the womens basketball game against Rutgers. He had driven up to see Christina play. I looked up from the arena floor and there he was sitting alone in the stands, waiting to see Christina before she left. It was a gift to see him there and chat with him and feel that little bit of home!

    Frank confirmed me, buried my father, married my husband and I and baptized all three of our children. Every time I’m home visiting my mom and I’m at Trinity he has a giant bear hug for me and makes it seem like I’ve never moved away. He always asked if we had found a church where we were living and I was always happy to report back to him if and when we had. This was always a tough thing to do, and anyone who has been a part of Trinity and then moved away knows what I mean. Trinity is just a really hard act to follow. Frank always had the right words and he had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the room. After losing my dad I remember being at church on our first fathers day without him. Frank visited with us on our way out and he saw I was struggling. I asked him through tears, “What do families without dad’s do on Father’s Day?” and he looked at me and said “I don’t know.” It was a step in my young adult life towards realizing that there aren’t always answers. I will never understand why Frank was taken from us in this way, but he has taught us that God has a plan and that no matter how hard it is for us, we need to remember to trust that plan. We all know that the last year has been crazy, but for me it held hidden blessings. One of those was being able to worship with Trinity virtually. What a gift to be able to enjoy our worship with Frank and all of Trinity this past year. I’m so thankful for that time. For 38 years Frank has always been there and I am so grateful for the lessons and the unending support that he has provided. Sending all of our love to Karen, Faith, Angela, Christina, Savannah, Emily and all of Frank’s Grandchildren and family members. And especially to Frank’s beloved family, thank you. Thank you for sharing this wonderful man with all of us.


    when I moved to Hackettstown, 40 years ago, I had to find a church and TRINITY was it. 40 some years I have
    enjoyed FRANK’S sermon and loving ways. He has been my PASTOR for 30 years and helped me get through
    my husband’s death some years ago. Also, working in the THRIFT SHOP for 20 plus years, FRANK was
    always there to inspire and if needed, give substantial advice and assistance, I have loved my time with
    FRANK,TRINITY and all the LOVING PEOPLE I have met. THANK GOODNESS I was looking for a church
    and found one that is special, so is FRANK,he just wrapped his arms around the community. no doubt,
    he will be missed but we all our special memories of a GRAND PASTOR, his memory will go on forever.

  33. I doubt I will ever comprehend what happened to this extraordinary man and why. If ever there was a time when every single person he ever knew needed him more, it is now. I feel forced to stand on my own two feet and weak in the knees as I make the attempt without his strength and wisdom. I stumbled onto TUMC after moving to Long Valley in 2004. One visit and I knew this man had touched my heart and I longed to learn more about God with each and every sermon. We moved away in 2009 and I spent the next 11 years searching for my spiritual home and I felt ashamed that I just couldn’t seem to find that right place. Finally as technology had advanced I realized I could live stream into Trinity and was elated beyond description to find Frank Fowler preaching at that pulpit. I had been blessed to be part of his congregation for this past year and felt so spiritually enriched following a long empty search. The happiness and spiritual growth I felt was so deeply satisfying. Frank was a gift from God to all who encountered him and I will never forget the many lessons he imparted that helped me to be a better person. I am deeply saddened if not sickened by this shocking turn of events and I have never prayed so much for a man not to suffer in his last days on this earth as I have for Frank as well as for his wife, daughters and grandkids. Frank Fowler made this world a better place and I will miss him for the rest of my life!

  34. Frank was my pastor, the one whose sermons reached my heart, the one who was always at each early morning departure of ASP, the one who stopped by the Lord’s Pantry to give words of thankfulness, praise and support, the one who opened his door, offered a chair and an attentive ear to my fears and anxieties, the one who offered words of calm and peace and invited me to pray with him expressing gratefulness and requesting mercy. He was many things to many people and we miss him dearly.
    I will especially remember him on our recent trip to Israel: I had gotten a terrible cold and people on our bus gave me lozenges and candies to soothe my throat. Frank gave me a treasured Clementine he had taken with him from breakfast to enjoy later in the day. While I was busy squirreling away a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, Frank was practicing his healthy habits which ultimately were a healing avenue for me.
    I was so grateful!
    When we arrived back in the US taking a bus ride back to Trinity, Frank was enjoying a Clementine he had somehow managed to bring back through customs. It always brings a smile to my face to know he truly savored the fruit of God’s spirit and shared it with me.
    God blessed us with Frank Fowler and I will carry his teachings with me until we all meet again in our next adventure.

  35. Frank and I first met at West Virginia Wesleyan College during the Spring semester, 1970. I was 19. We are fraternity brothers as well as, later, colleagues in the Greater NJ United Methodist Annual Conference. We would have both retired together this year but for the tragic affliction of CJD. I am still in shock. Frank excelled in everything, pretty much everything. As an effective pastor he led and managed the historic growth of the Hackettstown church. He also had the gift of extraordinary compassion. I am saddened he never got the chance to spend the golden years of his retirement with his beloved family. My deepest condolences to his family and congregation. He was a good man.

  36. I would not be who I am today if not for Pastor Fowler. I was introduced to Trinity by my soon to be wife. I was coming off 9 years of anger and misery and disconnect from God. As soon as I was introduced to Pastor Fowler I felt I was where I was supposed to be. He saw something in me that I never knew could be there. I had felt lost and unworthy in the eyes of God. But Pastor Fowler seemed to know differently. And as I got to know him better and more involved in the church, it was almost if he was always behind me with his hands on my shoulders directing me. At least twice a year I would meet with him to talk about church, life or whatever was on our minds. As a new step father he gave me invaluable advice. All the mission work we did together was just amazing. I always learned more about myself and my faith with him. He was my pastor, mentor, father figure, friend. He was truly a role model to me. He brought me back to God. Of all the memories I have of him, I think my most cherished is probably the simplest non spectacular to the naked eye but the most powerful one to me. Every time I saw him, without exception, he look at me with that twinkle in his eye and say “ Hey Tony how are you buddy “. God bless Frank. I miss him already. We all have a hole in our hearts but we know he’s waiting to greet us again when it’s our time.

  37. Rest in peace friend, we know you are in a better place and one day we shall meet again.

    Rest in Peace Pastor Frank
    Homestead, Florida

  38. Lennie Michelson

    When I moved to NJ from California several years ago, I was frustrated in my search for a church. But a neighbor had heard about Trinity, and so we decided to attend a Sunday morning service. We arrived a few minutes early to get settled into a pew. A man approached the two of us and introduced himself as Pastor Frank Fowler and chatted with us for a moment. Never in my lifetime of church-going had a pastor circulated pre-worship to greet and welcome people! What a first impression he gave — of himself, of his church, of his love of God and of others! I remember remarking that I wanted to attend a Bible study but that there were so many listed on the church’s website that I needed a guidance counselor to choose the right one, to which he immediately said, “I’ll be your guidance counselor!” We met the following week for a time of guidance — and shared stories of life and faith, and I knew I had found my church. Every email, every sermon, every greeting blessed me beyond measure; and I will always remember him and hold him in the highest regard. I mourn with you the loss of your beloved — but I celebrate his life and thrill to the certainty of his presence in Heaven for eternity. God bless you all and give you peace.

  39. Our deepest sympathy and thoughts and prayers to family, friends and church family and all the people he touched with God’s blessings in his lifetime. What a terrible loss for all. Rev. Dr. Frank was a very special person to all . He officiated at my sister in law’s funeral and his kindness and spiritual message was felt by all. God bless everyone and keep you in His care.

  40. Lorraine Morelli

    Frank Fowler you are one of a kind. Always humbled by compliments of your gift as a preacher and always listened with your ears and your eyes. I will always remember, appreciate and love you. You are a gift that graced this world and so many people in it. I will never forget you.

  41. To the Fowler family biological and extended may the peace of God the father rule in your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus now and always . Mr Fowler was an incredible man who shared is love for God and God’s people from every intercation . ‘ Catch the spirit ‘A exampliary life for a man of God. There’s a song that resonates in my spirit . “When you Walk into the room”…..every thing changes .He walked with quiet confidence and a passion for missions and Growth of God’s people. Although I was at another ministry pastor Fowler and I share a passion for evangelism. Using the gifts God has given to us for his glory. Thanks to the Fowler family for sharing pastor Fowler with the world.May the Lord bless you and keep you, make his face shine upon be gracious to you, may he lift the light of his countenance upon you and give you peace.

  42. Having been brought up in a Christian home, I was a member of Trinity for several years when a I was struggling with an abustive marriage. My choices were to defy God and divorce or stay and work at this difficult relationship. I tried counceling several times. When counceling did not work, I lost the will to stay and live. I finally decided to end the marriage. I suffered with such guilt that I had willingly defied God and lost my relationship with him when I spoke to Frank. He knew of my struggles before the divorce and assured me that I had done everything I could to preserve the marriage. He felt that my husband had left the relationship long before me because of his treatment of me. After speaking with Frank, I experienced such peace and a re-connection with God. Frank’s kindness and compassion brought me back to my faith. I will be forever grateful to Frank for giving me back to the Lord. I will miss his sermons and his compassion and encouragement. For us he was an example of God’s love, peace, compassion and hope here on earth. We are truly blessed for having him as our Pastor for so many years. Someday we will see you again.

  43. Pastor Frank was an incredibly giving man. He made time for everyone. Frank had a gift of storytelling. The way he spoke and captivated the congregation truly taught me how to become a better public speaker. I shared this with him after one of his sermons. I am thankful my family got to know him. He confirmed both of my children and baptized my niece and nephew. He will be missed by many.

  44. I came to Trinity and met Frank in the 90’s through the Hand of God! I belonged to another church in Morristown and was asked to bring some flowers to an elderly member in Heath Village. In meeting with her the second time, she told me that God wanted me to go to Trinity. I did not go. The next time we met she said “Ginny God keeps telling me you should go to church at Trinity.” So I went – and Frank and his church changed my life forever. Frank inspired me with every sermon which felt they were just for me. (Everyone felt that way.) He taught me what loving Christ really means – having a real true to life relationship with Jesus – everyday in every way. He taught me servanthood; that to serve is to love God and others. That to serve means using the gifts and talents God gives us all which brings back to us the greatest joy possible. I grew up in an abusive and prejudiced household; Frank taught me that through the love of Jesus I am worthy. Frank met my late husband Lonnie, married us and came to the wedding. When Lonnie became devestatingly ill, Frank was always with us at home or at a hospital to comfort and to pray. He even helped me find a resting place for Lonnie on his day off! Frank buried Lonnie from his church. When my son suffered with a difficult emotional illness, Frank was there to comfort and counsel me and to pray – always. Many times I called in tears and every time Frank answered. We buried my son from his church with all the dignity Trinity affords. But the greatest gift Frank gave me was the opportunity to serve at Trinity in women’s ministry leading Bible studies, even writing Bible studies that he accepted to be held in his church. Frank saw the good in everyone; he saw people’s potential but most of all he saw everyone’s heart – hearts that were hurting, hearts that were sorrowful, hearts that were lost. And he gently led those hearts to the love and experience of Christ with whom we are home, with whom we are safe, with whom we are loved. I am heartbroken here in Florida, as is the entire church, town and I am sure the church district are at the loss of so loving a Pastor, mentor and friend to everyone he met. Frank was kind to everyone, he was patient, he was caring, he never overstepped his boundaries but always gave his best. To Karen and the children and grandchildren I send my heartfelt sympathy and condolences at such a great loss; Frank loved each one of you as if you were the only person he ever had to love. As you go forward remembering his sweetness, his softness, his peace never forget to Fully Rely On God for comfort knowing you will see your beloved again.

  45. Frank will always hold a special place in our hearts. My parents are members of the church and we would often join them on Easter and Christmas Eve services. Frank was an amazing Pastor who will never be forgotten. This a tremendous loss for the Trinity community but we are all so blessed to have had him a part of lives whether great or small. May his family find peace with the memories and the love.

  46. Rare & precious are those who come into our lives and leave a lasting impression. Even more incredible are those who leave an impression so indelible that they change us beyond measure. Dr. Fowler inspired me, supported me, challenged me, and showed me the way home. I was so young when I first met Dr. Fowler that I don’t even remember it. He has always been there and I am eternally grateful. My fondest memory of Dr. Fowler, and perhaps the one that changed me forever, was my first mission trip to Haiti. He was our gracious guide and I was a stubborn, selfish, immature kid running a hundred miles an hour in no particular direction. I would describe my faith at that time as ‘deep water faith, in the shallow end’. I knew the questions and I had the answers, I’m just not sure if I believed them. Haiti pushed me into the deep end and I couldn’t be more thankful! At what seemed like the right moment (of course it was) during the week, Dr. Fowler lead our group on a devotion of the journey to the cross and the crucifixion. The meditation was something I had never experienced before and I was never the same. Through his words he walked me through the one thing about Christ, and therefore Christianity, that I just couldn’t get past… Why would anyone want to die for me? Why would anyone do this? Why would anyone suffer so much for someone so unworthy? Who am I to receive so much? I can still hear Dr. Fowler as he described the scene of Christ hanging on the cross, suffering beyond reason, looking down upon us who were there, and spoke, “…This is for you, because you are mine.” That moment crushed me and broke down every wall I had ever built. It still moves me to tears this day. Dr. Fowler showed me the way and then walked beside me. He was one of the rarest and most precious souls I have had the privilege to call my friend. We are all so blessed to have had him for the time we did. I will miss his sermons, his singing during VBS, his smile, his big hugs, his laugh, and his friendship. I will miss him, immensely. Until we meet again, I will honor him, for that is the reward for what he gave and he gave us so much. God is Good, all the time…

    A brother in Christ,


  47. I have many memories of Pastor Frank. I began attending Trinity back when my son Jordan started attending church school, when he was 2 years old. (He is now 28 years old!) As so many others have said, his sermons always seemed somehow aimed toward me and were what I needed to hear. No one delivered a sermon like Frank. I also loved how he did the FROG eyes program, always listening patiently to all those kids saying the same Bible verse over and over. Jordan loved that game every year. Fast forward many years, and I was so proud when Jordan decide to go on the Haiti mission trip with Frank leading the group. He learned so much from him on that trip. I loved the fact that no matter how long it had been since I had been in worship, Frank always remembered me and asked about Jordan. Lastly, my family will always be grateful for the final visit that Frank made to my dad. My dad had Alzheimer’s, and the day before he passed away in 2019, Pastor Frank came to my parents’ house to visit. Though I wasn’t yet there and missed the visit, my family told me that Frank had been there. At the time, my dad was getting weaker and was very in and out of it. However, before he left, my dad called him “Little Frankie”, a nickname that they had called him while growing up in town. I was comforted to know that my dad was still able to hear and recognize Frank, even though he was so close to the end of his earthly journey. Rest in peace Frank, and please give my daddy a hug from me.

    Dina Perrine

  48. Amy and Takeshi Hayakawa

    Pastor Fowler represented Trinity Church and the Community of Hackettstown in such a very special way that made everyone feel at home and welcomed. When my family first moved to Hackettstown, we wanted to find a church that was diverse and close-knit. Trinity was all of that and more, thanks to Pastor Fowler. He made us feel included and recognized.

    Throughout our years that we lived in Hackettstown, we enjoyed attending church on Sundays and getting to see Pastor Fowler’s warm personality light up the sanctuary. The additional events and groups that he led at the Church guided us through life’s biggest moments, both happy and sad. I had my Confirmation at Trinity, participated in several 30
    Hour Famines, and met many friends through the community. My mother was also very active in the Church and enjoyed Bible Study Groups that Pastor Fowler led with enthusiasm and wisdom.

    When she was in the hospital during her final days on Earth, Pastor Fowler stopped by to pray with us and provide comfort. He then met with my family and I to create a Funeral Service for her, which was held at Trinity Church. I felt so at ease knowing that Pastor Fowler was there to lead her Funeral Service. My family and I are forever grateful for his guidance and support.

    Although my Father and I moved to Florida years ago, we have continued to remember the lessons that Pastor Fowler taught us and the kindness that he showed us and so many others. Trinity Church will always hold a special place in our memories, and Pastor Fowler is at the very heart of it. We keep Pastor Fowler’s Family in our prayers and send well wishes during this time. Thank you and God Bless.

  49. Frank Fowler truly tried to know and care for everyone. I came to the 911 Service in 2001 with my neighbor who was a member of Trinity. She introduced me to Frank. I was not happy with the Catholic Church and when I came back to another service 6 months later Frank remembered my name and I was shocked. Before I joined Trinity I volunteered on a number of ministry teams. Frank always came snd thanked everyone for all they did and you could tell he really meant it. I joined Trinity because of him. I felt like his sermons spoke to me. He supported me and my family during a number of major health emergencies. When my husband needed major heart surgery he brought it up during the service before my husbands surgery and asked everyone to pray for us. He called me a couple of times at the hospital during the surgery to see how I was holding up. He truly cared. And he seemed to do this for everyone. He was a tireless servant of God. He will truly be missed.

  50. The Bennett Family

    Pastor Frank was truly one of the nicest people we have ever met. His kindness was a reflection of God’s love. From day one of entering Trinity Church he made us feel warm and welcome. We know he genuinely cared about us. His love for the community, congregation and all has been and still is such an inspiration to us and that is why we became members. We only knew Pastor Frank for a short time, but he left a lasting impression on us. We are going to Fully Rely On God, because we know that is what Pastor Frank would want us to do. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Fowler family.

    Peace & Love,
    Jonathan, Christen & Chloe

  51. Not every preacher can be a good pastor and not every pastor can be a good preacher but there are few that have that gift and Pastor Fowler was certainly one of the best. I experienced church in a few other denominations throughout my life before landing in the pews at Trinity. I was always glad I went because no matter what was going in my life I left Sunday service feeling like the whole sermon was aimed just at me. I always wondered how he knew I needed to hear what I heard each Sunday.

    I’m grateful that each time I spoke with Pastor Fowler. He always took the time and he had that incredible gift of listening with his heart and a sense of just the right thing to say. He was a great connector of people who could support each other as well. Thank you to the Fowler family for sharing him with all of us. Keeping you all in my prayers during this difficult time. May your memories of this special man comfort you.

  52. Liz and Bob Falco

    Well done Good and faithful servant! You ran your race well! Much too short for your Family and your Church Family. You will be sorely missed but we know we will see you again!

    When Bob and I came to Trinity in 92 we had knowledge of God but Frank showed us how to really know and love God. Frank always truly listened, always remembered and followed up. Through all the baptisms, confirmations, problems and questions, more recently deaths of parents and brother he was always there to extend love and compassion. His beautiful love of service was contagious! Frank truly walked out his faith in everything he said and did in life.
    In Frank, Hackettstown had a bright light on Main Street at Trinity where all are welcomed.

    We thank God for Frank Fowler! We feel so blessed to have known him and we look forward to seeing in again!

    We hold his Family in prayer and know that God has wrapped them in his loving arms until they are together again.

  53. Many things come to mind when I think of pastor frank. How many times I’ve heard him sing sweet little Jesus boy and still made me cry each and every time.
    He baptized my son, he swore me in as a new member trinity has been my church home for 30 years. He’s helped through divorce abuse and helped me find a church member who would take care of my disabled son when no one else would.
    My son and I will always think of him and truly miss his incredible sermons and caring and loving manor.

  54. Frank Fowler was my second father. He listened to me, loved me unconditionally, challenged me, and encouraged me. He was an inspiration to love and to serve as he embodied the church’s mission statement, and I strive to live that way every day of my life. I will miss his hugs, his smile and bright eyes, his laugh, his “Frankisms”, his affirming head nods, and his honest talks with me during SNW times.

    I watched Nomadland the other night and this quote struck me as exactly how I feel about my goodbye to Frank:

    “One of the things I love most about this life is that there’s no final goodbye. You know, I’ve met hundreds of people out here and I don’t ever say a final goodbye. I always just say, “I’ll see you down the road.” And I do. And whether it’s a month, or a year, or sometimes years, I see them again.

    So I’ll see you down the road, Frank. I know I will see you again in our Father’s house. And when I do, I can’t wait to hug you, to talk to you, to thank you for the countless ways you have helped Basil, Vinnie and me, and to tell you how much I love you.

  55. Nancy A Leoncavallo

    In all my years on earth, I can only say that Pastor Frank Fowler has been the most wonderful minister I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I went from his flock in northern NJ, to south Jersey, to Lexington, VA and finally to Southport, NC and he is the most memorable of all. I watched his sermons online from down here in NC this spring. My prayers are with his family.

  56. I remember a song from my childhood that keeps playing over and over in my mind since I heard Pastor Fowler passed.
    The words I remember are, “how far is heaven when can I go, to see my daddy he’s there I know. How far is heaven let’s go tonight, I want my daddy to hold me tight.”
    To the Fowler children I know what it is to lose a father. I was fifteen when my dad had a car accident. He died on Father’s day 1968. One thing I learned was this kind of pain has to be allowed to hurt. As each memory comes, cry it out. Each day it will be less and you will heal. You’ll never forget him, but it simply won’t hurt as much. He was a great dad. Crying is completely allowed. I think I screamed at times when I was alone. May the Lord reveal his comforting power to each of you.
    Love you, Janet Lake

  57. Frank truly embodied the spirit of christianity in everything he said and did. He really did lead by example. Upon leaving church after and inspirational sermon, I told him how wonderful his message was and he humbly pointed upward and said “It was all God’s doing.” He will be sorely missed, but his example of a life well lived will go on in the hearts of all who knew him.

  58. I shall always remember Frank as the young minister at Newfoundland UMC who put on Mickey Mouse ears and came down the isle on Palm Sunday amongst the palms. At the annual church picnic he arrived on horseback as a traveling circuit minister! Such great times! My family was blessed to have known Frank, such a great guy! Sincere condolences to his family & church family.

  59. Frank was such a source of comfort to me. When my late husband Gene was in one of his many hospitalizations, I was at the church office and Frank asked me how Gene was doing and how I was doing. I told him that I was “Fully Relying On God” at which point Frank gave me a hug and then gave me a little green frog from his office. That has been on my desk since 2008. I will always remember his compassion. May he rest in peace. Prayers for his family.

  60. Chris, Lorraine & Rebecca Edwards

    Frank was an incredible man who truly lived his faith. He WAS the epitome of Christian values. Frank was the reason we joined Trinity in 1997. After hearing his sermons and watching him get so involved in vacation Bible school, we knew it was going to be our church home. Frank was the heart of Trinity and a pillar of the community. We feel very fortunate to have had him in our lives. We are lifting his family up in our prayers. Rest In Peace, Frank, Until we meet again.
    Chris, Lorraine, and Rebecca Edwards

  61. Dolores DiPaola and John Cannata

    Rest In Peace Pastor Frank.
    John and are deeply sorry for the loss of such a great man.
    May God Bless Karen and family.
    Frank was such an inspiration to me.
    When I lost my husband Lou he stood by me, and when I met John he was encouraging and was happy to marry us. He was always so warm and caring. Frank will always be remembered.

  62. My husband, James and I truly admired Pastor Frank for his many talents, caring and compassion. We were always impressed with his gift of remembering peoples names, even after a brief introduction.
    When my husband died suddenly , out of state in Virginia, I was comforted by his
    Phone call and prayer. He was a a treasure to many and will be greatly missed.

  63. Rev. Fowler was my role model and still is. When I was a seminarian at Drew, I wanted to learn ministry of the UMC. I found the Trinity and contacted him. Even though we’ve never met before, he willingly met and listen to me. I had the memorable 2 hour-conversation with him and he showed me the church building, including the thrift shop. Then he invited me to the leadership meeting so I can learn how things were going on in Trinity. He also invited me to company him when he visited a parishioner in the hospital. He talked to my girls kindly, kneeling to adjust his level to my 2-year-old girl, who was baptized by him.
    In 2016, before my family moved to Nebraska for my appointment in the Great Plains Annual Conference, he willingly answered my questions about ministry, such as sermon, funeral, wedding, visitation, baptism, and so on for 2 sessions for 2 hours each. Since I knew he was extremely busy, I couldn’t fully express my gratitude to him. I have been able to be effective in the ministry so far thanks to what I’ve learned from him. On the last Sunday in NJ, he invited my family to come forward, introduced us to the church and prayed for us with tears. His caring heart was felt always through his kind words and deeds. He was more like my spiritual father. My family was actually planning to come and visit him this summer, but missed the chance… He will be greatly missed for the rest of my life. Rev. Fowler, take a rest till we meet again…

  64. I’m not really one to speak, as I’ve never been a good church-goer, but I wanted to say that I was raised in a muti-religious family and never went to church services until well into adulthood. Frank was the first pastor I saw, and he is what kept me going back, albeit sporadically. Every one of his sermons connected with me. More than any other pastor I have seen. He had such a great way of speaking, as well as a great sense of humor. I loved that even though I went to church so sporadically, he always remembered my name and personal stuff about me, and often made a point of coming over to say Hi. He will be sorely missed.

  65. Joy and Lester Snyder

    The Fowler Family and our families go way back to when his Father was Mayor of our town and his Mom wrote articles for the Star Gazette newspaper. Remembering Frank as a young man and his entire family all these years and his compassion and love of our Savior and sharing that with us all. A funny story when my fiancee Les Snyder and I decided to marry we asked Pastor Fowler to please do the honor. My fiancee Les said to Frank…Won’t everyone be surprised when you ask “Do you Mildred (my legal name…but always used the name “Joy”) take thee Lester…and I got upset. Frank saw that and said “Hate to burst your bubble, Les…but we will marry her “Joy”…but when she has to sign the papers in the back room she will have to write the name “Mildred”)…I know in Heaven when he was welcomed into the arms of our Lord….He heard the words…”Welcome…Good and Faithful Servant”..and Job Well Done…Our Sincere Sympathy to the entire Fowler family on this terrible loss to us all. Joy and Lester Snyder

  66. Not many can say that the same person baptized, confirmed, and then married them as well as baptized their own children! We are blessed to have shared these milestones with him, his smile, and his guidance. May he Rest In Peace and may God’s comfort and love surround his entire family at this time.

  67. Frank was our beloved Pastor for the years we lived in Long Valley, NJ. He baptized our two children and welcomed them to faith. We loved our faith family at Trinity so much and grew in our daily walks with the Lord thanks to Pastor Franks gentle guidance.
    Personally I can not think of any pastor who has impacted my faith more. I will treasure the chance I had to learn from his knowledge of the Bible.
    Our deepest sympathies to Frank’s family and to the congregation as they walk through this time together.

  68. Marilyn Wheeler Hodge

    Frank and family have been lifetime friends. Because Frank’s ministry came full circle he was in the children’s choir my Mom, Leola Wheeler directed. When Frank returned to Trinity as pastor my parents were honored to have him as their pastor. He was there for them until they went to be with the Lord. Our friendship has continued through the years I left Hackettstown after I married in 1967 and now retired to Florida we still kept in touch. Just two years ago with the help of Frank’s sister Barbara planned a surprise meeting and joined Frank and Karen in Ellenton and had so many reminisces and laughs. Blessings to all. Marilyn and Doug Hodge

  69. Sharon (Henion) DeRenzo

    I was shocked and saddened to learn of Frank’s illness and his passing. I was a member of Trinity when he came to us to serve our congregation in the 80s. I moved away to another state in the early 90s but while I was there at the same time as he was, he was not only a trusted spiritual advisor but we became friends as well. His leadership was truly a gift from God, his sermons were relatable to life today but scripture based and his singing of “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” was looked forward to every Christmas.
    I know that Frank is now exactly where he’s supposed to be and that is with Jesus and the God he so faithfully served. I send my prayers to the entire Fowler family. He will be greatly missed.

  70. I have been a member of Trinity for 38 years. All with Frank as the Pastor. There are so many memories, I couldn’t list them all! He married my husband and I, confirmed my children, married some of my children, baptized my grandchildren. He was always there through good times and bad, always encouraging and faithful. My favorite memory is when I came to join Trinity after a bad experience at the Catholic Church. I told him I would have to have all the kids re- baptized and he smiled that smile and said “Maureen, there is only 1 God. No need to do it twice”. That has stayed with me for all these years. Rest In Peace dear Frank, until we meet again.

    Maureen Boer

  71. Frank was a blessing to the Allan family. He married 4 of my 5 children and some were far from Trinity. He also baptized 10 of my 12 grandchildren.
    I was a chair person for the Worship Committee for many years in the 90’s so I was privileged to watch and learn about Frank’s love for God and Trinity Church.
    His sermons were always meaningful. I do believe my faith became stronger listening to them. Some were actually life changing.
    I will miss his sermons and his friendship but know he is at peace with Jesus. Til We meet again.

    Lois Allan

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