Recent Campus Improvements

We’ve had several upgrades and campus improvements going on recently. Included are 

▪ The replacement of the Starr Hall heating and air conditioning unit, with a huge crane lifting the multi-ton, $25,000 unit up to the roof of Starr Hall. This replaced the original unit, which had lasted almost 30 years, far beyond its expected life.

▪ The replacement of a new soundboard in the Sanctuary. Our original board had lasted about 11 years, which in tech terms is a very long time. The new board, costing $5,200, is simpler to use and more effective than the previous one. (And we’re always seeking people to “run” the board on a Sunday.)

▪ A new lift in the mission barn to facilitate the moving of Thrift Shop and other items to the second level of the barn. Previously, people had to carry heavy bins of items up and down a long set of stairs every day. This will make the shop process much safer and more efficient.