What Does The Scripture Teach About Gratitude

Dear Trinity church family,

Psychological research is increasingly affirming the role of gratitude in a healthy and joyful life.

But then the Bible has been proclaiming that for hundreds of years, and Jesus makes it a central theme of his teaching.

That’s why once again – though it’s expected in the week before Thanksgiving Day – we will explore why it is that gratitude is one of the 3 best gifts you can ever give. We’ll look at some unique dimensions of that truth.

The scripture passages we’ll explore are Psalm 107:1-9 and Luke 17:11-19.

In addition, worship this weekend includes:

SATURDAY NIGHT WORSHIP AT 5:00 – The Meanz of Grace praise band will lead us in music and Pastor Don will offer the sermon.


8:15 CHAPEL – Pastor Don leads and preaches

9:15 CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP- The Celebration Praise Band leads us in music and I’ll share the message.

10:45 TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP- The Littlest Angels, Music Makers and Chancel Choir will offer music, and Pastor Anthony will share the message. We’ll celebrate the sacrament of baptism with 2 families.