The Search for Real News – Aug. 19th & 20th

Hi folks,

I stood in line at the grocery store casually looking at the tabloids that are sold there. The headline read “Aliens Steal Actresses Body.” and I thought…WHO READS THIS STUFF?! But however outrageous the headlines on such tabloids, SOMEBODY is reading them, because they are still selling new editions every week! The headlines are clearly not true. That example comes to mind as we ask ourselves another time this week, “WHAT WOULD JESUS THINK”, which is our current sermon series. This week the question is, WHAT WOULD JESUS THINK OF OUR REAL NEWS / FAKE NEWS CONVERSATIONS? The Bible text for the weekend is John 14: 1-11.

In addition, other details of our 4 worship services include:

The Meanz of Grace praise band will share music and Pastor Don will offer the sermon.

8:15 CHAPEL – Pastor Deb DeVos leads worship and preaches.
9:15 CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Celebration Praise Band leads music in our worship service and Pastor Anthony Pami preaches.
10:45 TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Special music will be shared by Jen Caldwell, and Pastor Jenny Smith Walz will preach.

I hope you’ll join your church family for worship this weekend.

Blessings and peace,