Secret Angel Program

A Message from the Secret Angel Coordinator

The holidays are over and winter stretches out in front of us. This year, more than ever, we need small things to look forward to! We’ve got a suggestion for you! It’s our very special and very heart-warming intergenerational . . .

Secret Angel Program!

We are inviting children to be participants in this year’s Secret Angel Program --which is open to all children who participate in KidVenture (3 year olds through 4th grade), as well as children of new member families who might not have had the opportunity to become active at Trinity yet. The Secret Angel Program is a great way to get to meet and know other Trinity members!

In order for your child to participate in the Secret Angel program, you must fill out the attached form by Sunday, January 16:

Secret Angel Child Sign-Up

Are you a 5th grader through adult? Please consider signing up to be a Secret Angel. Angels will be randomly assigned to a child. You will be assigned a child the week of January 24. Please see below this letter for additional facts/dates about the Secret Angel Program.

Secret Angel "Angel" (5th grade through adult) Sign-Up

For more information, please email or call Danielle Witt at or 570-977-5050.

The Secret Angel Program is a wonderful way to foster new connections as well as rekindle friendships and fellowship that may have dimmed during the recent past!


Danielle Witt

Some Facts About The Secret Angel Program

This special intergenerational (from toddler to senior citizen) program will begin on Sunday, January 30th.  All participating children (ages 3 through 4th grade) will have their name randomly chosen by a volunteer Secret Angel. Secret Angels can be any youth (5th grade and up) or adults who want to participate in this heartwarming program. Here's the job description for all Secret Angels.  You will be asked to make contact with your child once a week for four weeks:

  • Week #1:  Jan. 30th - Feb. 5th
  • Week #2:  Feb. 6th - Feb. 12th
  • Week #3:  Feb. 13th- Feb. 19th
  • Week #4:  Feb. 20th- Feb. 26th

Your Secret Angel contact should be simple, i.e., a card, a telephone call, a poem in the mail, etc., and most important of all --- shhh! --- you are to remain a secret to your special child.  It's EXTREMELY important for you to make contact with your special child each week.

The children will not know who their Secret Angels are until the Secret Angel party on February 27th, following the 10:45 a.m. worship service (12:00pm). At that time, children and Secret Angels will gather in the sanctuary where they will be paired up with their Secret Angel. From the sanctuary, all pairs of Secret Angels will proceed to Starr Hall for refreshments, fellowship, and the presentation of a small gift ($5-$10) by the Secret Angel to his/her child.  This should be a fun time for all, and everyone is invited to participate