Sexton II

General Description:
The primary function of the Sexton is to clean selected church buildings, furnishings, and grounds. The Sexton will also provide basic facilities maintenance necessary to provide for the safety and security of church members and guests.

This is a part-time position of 20 hours per week. Much of the work shall be scheduled as close as possible to the normal working hours of full-time lay employees of Trinity Church (9am-4pm – five days per week), however, some work may be done in the evening and weekend. The Sexton’s hours must be flexible to accommodate special events, severe weather, emergencies and scheduled maintenance projects. The Sexton must be available to assist in preparation for Sunday worship. Will assist Sexton 1 when needed.

This position reports to the CBA/T for all matters related to the job. The CBA/T will monitor job performance, hours of work, vacation time, absences, authorize purchases and assure the safety of the position. Any additional or special needs or requests of the Sexton shall be submitted to the CBA. In the event of the CBA’s absence, the Sexton will seek help in the front office.

In addition, the Sexton will follow all policies and procedures outlined in the Trinity Church Lay Employee Policies and Procedures Manual.

General Job Duties:
Fully responsible for cleaning all rooms, stairways and hallways n the church office building, Thrift Shop Main Street, Sanctuary and Starr Hall floors, as follows:

  • Restrooms checked and cleaned – daily
  • Empty all garbage’s and trash containers – daily
  • Vacuum carpets and sweep hard floors – weekly
  • Dust furniture and equipment – weekly
  • Remove stains from carpets and marks from floors and walls – weekly
  • Disinfect kitchen and restroom surfaces and fixtures – weekly
  • Mop and dry kitchen and restroom floors -weekly
  • Clean windows and mirrors – weekly
  • Remove miscellaneous waste including boxes and discarded decorations as soon as possible following routine and special events
  • Use the approved floor scrubber to clean the Starr Hall floor – weekly
  • Remove recycling as needed
  • Plan most of the Tuesday morning work list for the 3-4 volunteers – weekly on Tuesday

All restrooms shall be inspected and cleaned daily.

  • Daily clean and disinfect fixtures, counters, and mirrors
  • Daily replenish toilet paper, paper towels, and soap
  • Two times per week or more if needed, wet mop the floor, clean partitions and doors, dust the woodwork and clean the windows

Monitor and maintain exterior steps and walks for pedestrian safety and appearance.

  • Sweep dirt from steps and walks
  • Pick up litter from steps and walks on a daily basis
  • Apply snow and ice melt material during freezing weather
  • Remove light snow and ice from steps with hand shovel or broom

The sanctuary will be cleaned prior to all Sunday worship services.

Arrange all furnishings (i.e. put up tables and chairs) in specified rooms as requested for special events.

Place and keep furniture and furnishings in designated locations in each room as practical following routine and special functions.

Place and maintain walk-off and floor mats in proper and safe locations to minimize slips and falls, and reduce dirt and mud from tracking into the building.

Replace burned out light bulbs in all fixtures and lamps that are safely accessed by reaching or step ladder. Report hard-to-reach bulbs to CBA/T for replacement. Monitor all doors and windows for proper operation and closure to provide building security. Maintain building security during any cleaning operations.

Follow safe practices in the use of electrical and mechanical equipment and chemical supplies.
Monitor all interior and exterior areas for insects and rodents.

Ensure a minimum of a two-week supply of all consumable cleaning products is available in designated storage areas. Inform CBA/T when supplies are needed to order.

Monitor and be responsible for programming building heat and A/C, as well as parking lot light timers.

The Church Sexton shall be able to safely lift and move objects weighing up to 50 lbs. If an object is too heavy or requires more than one person to move it safely, notify the CBA/T so he can arrange for assistance.

The Church Sexton shall read and follow written instructions for cleaning supplies and equipment. Use appropriate personal protective equipment and safety procedures as outlined in the employee manual, Material Safety Data Sheets, equipment manuals and or directed by the CBA.

20 hours per week, flexible

$14,679 – no other benefits


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