Small Groups, Big Impact!

Why Small Groups?

Last fall, we celebrated 25 years of small group ministry here at Trinity. Small groups are woven into the fabric of our life together as a church. They are a means for people to connect to one another and form life-affirming relationships. This is especially important in a larger church.

In this past year overshadowed by a pandemic, small groups have had a vital impact on our connectedness with one another. Last March, as we were in the middle of our churchwide Lenten study, we suddenly had to cancel all in-person gatherings. Small groups were able to continue via ZOOM. We followed that by offering Unafraid by Adam Hamilton and this allowed us to remain connected. We had to stay at home with our families unless we were buying groceries, going to the doctor, or an essential worker. We craved conversation and fellowship with other people outside of our households and small groups allowed us to address that need.

In addition to small groups connecting us, small groups help us to grow in our discipleship, which is our goal as followers of Jesus Christ. Small groups were what introduced me to Trinity and it was through small groups that my discipleship grew to where I realized a call on my life to ordained ministry that God had been preparing me for since I was a little girl. There have been people who have attended our small groups and gone on to not only ministry as clergy, but also serving in leadership roles in the church, or finding a passion for missions and serving others in many ways.

Small groups are a means for us to connect to God, to each other and ourselves. They are a place where we’re accepted as we are, where we are and allowed to grow to become the people God wants us to be. We do this together with the love and support of others in the group. Small groups can be a foreshadowing of the Kingdom of God. That is my hope and prayer. If you participate in small groups, I hope you’ll reflect on this as you continue to be a part of your group. If you’re not participating in small groups, please join us. The impact on your life and the kingdom will be powerful.