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Spring Small Groups Announced

Guiding Ourselves to Wellness
This is an invitation to take positive steps to help lead a healthier life, fulfilling Christ’s intent for us. During our time together, we’ll discuss current health, wellness and fitness topics. We will explore how small lifestyle changes can enhance our life and positively affect our ability to carry out our activities of daily living. Although this class is designed to address the needs of senior women, women of all ages are invited.
Leader: Fran Blaskopf, M.S., Clinical Exercise Physiologist (
Start date: Tuesday, April 25
Time: 11:00 a.m. – noon
Duration: Six weekly sessions
Location: Trinity House, Room 401

How Did We Get Here? – A Brief History of the United Methodist Church
For almost 250 years Methodism in the U.S. has had a history of ministry filled with twists and turns. In this study, we’ll look at some specific moments in our history which has shaped us into the denomination of today. We’ll look at our changing nature of ministry, our understanding of mission and outreach, and look at the way the church has affected society and ways that society has effected the church. With a fun and lighthearted approach, we’ll follow our historical path and discover how we got here.
Leader: Dale Patterson (
Start Date: May 9
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Duration: Six weekly sessions
Location: Room 104

One of Pastor Jenny’s faith giants and most influential teachers about what it means to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ was a German Lutheran pastor named Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who died in a concentration camp during WWII. In this study, we’ll look at four major themes in Bonhoeffer’s life and writings, which will deepen and shape our lives today. Together we’ll ask: “What is the Church?”, “What does it mean to live in Christian Community together?”, “What does true Discipleship look like?”, and “What does Jesus mean when he says Come and Die?”. This study is based on the book Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas, though reading that book is optional. We will have a study guide, a DVD, and one another to guide our time together.
Leader: Pastor Jenny (
Start Date: May 1
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Duration: Four weekly sessions
Location: Parsonage / Walz residence (6 Limonite Rd, Hackettstown)
Cost: $12 for study guide
Use Just Say Yes to sign up or contact Pastor Deb at or 973-479-0384.