Longest Night Service December 18

For those struggling with loss, loneliness, worry, and pain this Christmas season

In the Sanctuary at 5:00 pm

When you just aren’t able to feel the joy of the season, it can feel as though you are the only one struggling this time of year. And it can feel as though you should just be able to turn off the grief, the struggle, the worry, the loneliness you are experiencing and be happy, but you can’t. It might feel as though the world doesn’t get it or even that there’s something wrong with you as you wish you could just skip over this season altogether.

It can be difficult to hold together the pain we might be experiencing with the Christmas season. And that is what this service is for. It’s a sacred space to be real with what is happening in life right now, to acknowledge it, honor it, and discover the ways that Advent and Christmas are actually meant to speak directly into that which you are experiencing. It’s an opportunity to experience the hope and love of our compassionate God, and at the same time be real about our experiences.

So come, if you are 

  • grieving
  • lonely
  • worried
  • struggling
  • fearful
  • experiencing a loss (job, health, financial, independence, relationship, etc.)
  • anticipating a loss
  • hurting
  • in need of a word of comfort and hope
  • wanting to know you aren’t alone

All are welcome to this service, and you are encouraged to invite friends and neighbors and loved ones from the community. As an offering of love, offer to attend with those you invite!

Questions? Contact Pastor Jenny (jsmithwalz@catchthespirit.org or 908 852-3020 x13)