Support for Haiti

Haitian Statue

Update on Haiti Earthquake

The priority of finding people trapped under the debris has past. The death toll is now at 1,941 victims, and the number of injured has risen to 9,900, with many still waiting for care.

USAID and other relief agencies are distributing food, water, tents, and medical care. Eight U.S. helicopters and seven Coast Guard cutters have arrived to support the USAID team.

Pastor Ronald is also sending a team of Light & Peace relief workers to meet the immediate needs of the people from the four Light & Peace Churches that were badly damaged. The team will arrive today, bringing basic items such as soap, clothing, food and medical supplies - some of the many items that were packed in the mini-bus sent by Dayspring in January.

The team will also assess the damage to the homes and Light & Peace churches and provide estimates of the cost of rebuilding.

Monetary donations are truly needed and appreciated. As Pastor Ronald receives more information from his team, I’ll be sure to share that information with each of you, our special Dayspring friends.

Donations received now will enable us to get help to our friends ASAP.

Homes can be rebuilt, but broken hearts need healing. Please remember to include our friends in your prayers.