A spiderweb to represent a semon lesson how spiders teach us about God's lessons

The Spider’s Secret

As we conclude our sermon series this weekend, again considering how God has woven lessons about of life and faith even into the tiniest of creatures, we consider the spider. Of all our sermon insects: bees, ants, and locusts, spiders seem to raise the most emotional reaction even though we are all far more likely to be stung by a bee or to have an ant come crawling across our patio or porch than to have a spider cross our path. People seem to have a more visceral reaction to spiders. But I encourage you to think about the lesson of the spider or as we call it in our sermon title this weekend, the Spider’s Secret.

In addition to the message in each service are these details:

SATURDAY NIGHT WORSHIP AT 5:00 in TRINITY HOUSE (air conditioned) – The Ten Simple Rules praise band will lead in music and Pastor Don Gebhard will share the sermon.

8:15 CHAPEL – Rev Paul Wells leads and preaches and his wife Jan will share a song.

9:15 SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Meanz of Grace praise band leads in music, recently confirmed youth Richard Cort leads us in prayer and Linda Gonia will read the scripture lessons. I’ll share the message. A reminder that in this service in the summer we have a Children’s Time and Creative Activities (where Charlotte’s Web will be shown) for kids from age 4 to grade 4.

10:45 SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Pastor Deb De Vos will lead worship and preach and I’ll be the liturgist. We’ll have solos from Jen Caldwell and Jan Wells.


In all services, you can sign up to serve in our Caravan of Hope, Media ministry or Thrift Shop.

I hope you’ll make worshipping God for an hour a priority this weekend. Blessings and peace to you.