The Truck Stop Cookie Project


It’s not too late to bake cookies for this outreach to the truckers traveling through our area the week before Christmas! Cookies should not contain nuts or peanut butter or be too thin/fragile. They do not have to be decorated. Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, Snickerdoodles, sugar cookies with green/red sprinkles are great!
If you don’t bake, but would still like to contribute to this project, bags of individually-wrapped Christmas candies can be donated.
Bring cookies to the church on Sunday morning, December 15th. Tables will be set up in Starr Hall and the packing will begin at 9 a.m. Your help is needed then, too! We’ll be packing six cookies in each plastic bag, then two cookie bags in a brown lunch bag. The lunch bags will be placed in large cardboard boxes for transport to the truck stop on I-80 in Columbia, N.J. We need cookie packers and strong arms to carry the boxes to a truck in the church parking lot!
We thank you in advance for your participation in this hands-on mission project! It will be our way of expressing our appreciation to the men and women who transport the goods that stock the shelves at restaurants and stores all year round!

As we approach the holidays, our thoughts turn to entertaining family and friends, shopping for presents, etc.  Do you ever wonder where the restaurants and grocery stores get the food you’re eating or where the stores get the items you’re buying?  It’s delivered by truckers!  Truckers — both men and women — spend long hours on the road.  Some aren’t home for long stretches of time, and some may not even be home to spend the holidays with family.

One way we can express our appreciation is to hand out a bag of homemade cookies and a Christmas message to the truckers who pass through the truck stop at I-80/Columbia, N.J. the week before Christmas.

Our goal is 500 bags.  That’s 500 dozen cookies!!  Can you help?  Start baking now and freeze them until Sunday, December 15th when we’ll meet at the church to bag them.  Cookies should not contain nuts or peanut butter and should not be too thin and fragile.  Homemade cookies, a Christmas message showing our appreciation and Christian love.  Any questions, please contact Joan Caldwell at 908-752-1701 or