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The numbers shown below for April are impressive for our little Thrift enterprise, but misleading! We have so many more people we serve through our ministry. For instance, the number of people served only represents the number of paying customers. There are so many others who come through our doors looking for items they don’t find in our shops, but perhaps they had a moment of conversation with a volunteer that made them feel connected. Or we gave them a referral to another place where they were likely to find what they were hunting for. Compliments and laughter are freely shared in the Thrift. One customer commented that she loves coming in to our shop because we’re always laughing. A little boost of joy in someone’s day…priceless.

The number of donors and the number of boxes, bins and bags is also not the full scope of what our devoted team at the donation barn encounter. Donors often have stories to share about what they’re bringing to us. They let us know what it’s meant to them or their family, passing on the legacy, feeling they’ve donated to a place where their items will be respected and cared for, and perhaps finding a happy new home. Again, you often hear laughter amidst this hardworking group. The teamwork and joy are palpable.

The Furniture Gallery and Garden Room/Art Gallery brings in a whole other element of customers. When I ask if they’re looking “for something in particular,” sometimes the answer is, “No. I just like to come in and look around to see what you have. You have such beautiful things and everything is so wonderfully displayed, and I never know what I might find.” It’s a great place for a bit of unhurried treasure hunting. We encourage sitting on the furniture! And we might find an occasional group having a nice chat together. Or someone having a wee time out from the bustle of her life. Is there laughter here? Of course!

How can you participate? Donate, shop, spread the word and volunteer! And take a stroll through the shops. See what wonderful donations we’ve been blessed with to take us into the summer season. And listen for the laughter!

April Thrift

People served through Trinity Thrift: Donors:
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2,057 Countless!