Thrift Shop News

The lovely month of May. The air is redolent with sweet fragrances and I open my windows to let the newness sweep out the last remnants of being shuttered for a long time. While the earth is budding, blooming and leafing, I’m inspired to want to clear away the clutter that has built up over the winter (or the last 35 years) and make a fresh start. Have you seen Marie Kondo? What do you own that “sparks joy”? What doesn’t? If you’re feeling similarly led to clear out and tidy up, try using the three-pile system: 1) keep (sparks joy), 2) donate (may spark joy for someone else), or 3) throw away (has finished its useful life cycle). As we’re often changing over our wardrobes from cool weather items to (yay) summer items, this is a good time to choose what stays and what goes. Before you begin, have boxes and bags on hand to put your items into and once you make a decision, stick with it. Do start small: a dresser, a cupboard or a closet. Going in for doing a whole house clear-out often leads to chaos and defeat. Start where you’ll have success and build on that. Little by little leads to a lot. Take the items that can’t be salvaged to the trash or rag bin! Don’t wait. Put the donated items in your vehicle and drop them off as soon as possible. The temptation to backslide can be great for some. Your stuff will be happy to begin a new life somewhere else, rather than stuck in the back of the closet. Reward yourself for a job well done! This is also a time — in early June this year — when we celebrate Pentecost, the filling of the disciples with the Holy Spirit, a new beginning. Let’s continue to sweep the cobwebs from our spirits and make space in our lives for doing God’s work in the world. There are many opportunities to serve here at Trinity Church, and the reward for that is much greater (think of all the great people you can meet.) “Never underestimate your ability to make someone else’s life better — even if you never know it.” (G. Louganis) Enjoy this month of preparation for a summer of fun, and if you find the time to help out your church family through VBS, summer missions, The Lord’s Pantry, the Thrift Shop, or the delicious Trinity garden — do it! The rewards are bountiful. Step up, reach out, make a clean sweep, get involved, start something new. May you? Yes, you May! See you at the Thrift. March People served through Trinity Thrift: 2,526 Donors: 432 Boxes, bins, bags of donations sorted: 1,612