All About Church Alive

How Has Trinity Affected Your Life?

That is one of dozens of comments we are receiving as we celebrate a 4-week focus on Trinity’s impact on lives, families, our communities, and the world. It’s called CHURCH ALIVE. We’re asking for your response to 3 questions:

  • What does the Church mean to me?
  • How has Trinity changed my life?
  • What has Trinity done for me and my family?

Then we’re taking time in worship and elsewhere in these weeks to share these anonymous responses.

Here are some other responses:

  • “Trinity has given my children the Christian foundation we had hoped for”
  • “At Trinity, I have heard and felt God nudging me to “up my game” and become a better disciple”
  • “It has strengthened my faith more than I would have believed possible”
  • “It has brought some of my family together “
  • “I grew up in church but Trinity is the first church where I ever felt accepted, loved and supported”

Now we don’t share these responses or even invite them for the purpose of bragging or self-promotion. Trinity is a congregation made up of very flawed and human people who make mistakes, miss the mark, and fall down on occasion. And this congregation is led by pastors and lay leaders who are likewise very human, but by the grace of God, lots of prayers, intentional and responsive ministry and mission, there is in our congregation an environment and culture of spiritual growth and development that we should celebrate. That’s why we are taking the time to share what God is doing through Trinity…and be assured to know it is God and God alone. And in our broken society today, God needs His church to do more and more to grow spiritual souls, to heal the wounds of division, and to be a living example of God’s intended Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven. So join now in thanking God for how Trinity is changing – changing lives, transforming families, and blessing God’s world. And please recommit yourselves to actively participating in this good work of God through this church.

It is urgently needed.

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