2019 Recent Events

UMM Matters

April 13th , we had a different breakfast meeting. We arranged for the Rev. Dr. Richard Vance from the National UMM office, in Nashville TN, to come to New Jersey to speak about Growing your UMM. This breakfast was held in the GNJUMC building in Neptune, NJ, and UMMs from over the state attended. Between the hoagie sale and other fundraisers, we will again provide $2,000 in Torgersen Scholarships for our graduating high school students. Thank you to all who bought hoagies and participated in our other fundraisers. May 11th, we’ll have a speaker on “Getting Organized as You Age.” Thuy-Lien Nguyen owns a small company, Ever So Neat, here in Hackettstown. She’ll touch on subjects such as how to organize and keep important papers and what to do with sentimental items when downsizing. June 8th, our Boy Scout Troop #416 will attend and we’ll recognize any boys who achieved Eagle Scout status. The boys will also demonstrate proper handling of the U.S. flag and will retire a flag correctly. We’ll also have our annual election of officers. Balls and Strikes III plans are complete. Please consider attending either or both events. Registration forms will be available in the May worship bulletins and between the Sunday services. Friday, June 14th, we have tickets to see the Sussex County Miners play an all-star team from Japan. There are only 30 tickets available. Saturday, July 20th, we’ve made arrangements for a church bowling date at the Oakwood Bowling Lanes in Washington Township. We continue to sell Trinity Name Badges. If you haven’t gotten yours, please look for the order forms around the church. We send in order whenever we get to about 10 badges. Always remember, UMM is not just for men. We invite all members of Trinity to attend. Among our goals is to provide: a sense of community, a meaningful presentation, and a fantastic breakfast.