Virtual Holy Communion News

In this time of social distancing, Bishop John Schol of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference has authorized pastors to administer Holy Communion virtually.  This is a very unusual action, but these are very unusual times.  And God’s people need to draw close to the Lord through this sacrament. 

Dr. Fowler led virtual communion for the first time on Maundy Thursday in preparation for our online worship service that night.  Instructions for participating at home were sent out by email and on social media.  If you want to participate in the next opportunity, here are the basic instructions. 

  1. Have a small cup or glass of juice prepared for each person.  If the juice is not available, water may be substituted. 
  2. Place pieces of bread on a plateone piece for each person participating. 
  3. Cover these elements with a cloth. 
  4. You might want to have a candle, a Bible, or a Cross on the table.  Remember that all people are invited to participate, so invite your family. 
  5. In the online service, Dr. Fowler will lead the liturgy and indicate when to consume the elements.