Worship in Unity – Sept 30th & Oct 1

Dear Trinity church family,

In a world and nation so divided as we now have, it can be discouraging to ponder the future. Where indeed are we going?

Yet if you believe that God is in control and in the truths of God, it is the church that is called to lead the way. Not into a divided future, but a unified one.

That’s why we call the church the body of Christ – one body.
This is what we celebrate this weekend in worship, based on a few powerful words by Paul – a native of the biblical city of Tarsus.

He wrote to some Christians in the town of Ephesus about unity in Christ. You can read his 2000 year old comments in Ephesians 4:1-6.

We’ll explore what this means in our worship services.

Saturday Night Worship at 5:00

Meanz of Grace provides music for our worship and I will share the message.

Sunday is World Communion Sunday with Holy Commuion at all services.

8:15 CHAPEL – Pastor Deb De Vos will lead worship and preach.


The Celebration Praise Band will share music and I’ll offer the message. At the start of worship we’ll hear a word of greeting from Pastor Ronald LeFranc, from Light and Peace mission in Haiti. Pastor Ronald is a longtime partner with Trinity and he is visiting in the states this coming week.

10:45 Traditional Sanctuary Worship with music by the Chancel Choir and a message by Pastor Don Gebhard.

Our sanctuary will be especially decorated for World Communion Sunday, a day in which many Christians around the world gather at the table of our Lord.


We have some special good news items to share at the end of all our worship services.

Please plan to purchase your congregation al reading book “What Is God’s Will for My Life” for just $3.00. The sermon series of this book begins next weekend.

And please help us by picking up your first stewardship mailing in our “Investing in God’s Promises” campaign, as this weekend begins Stewardship month at Trinity. By picking up your mailing this week and next you can save the church a lot of postage money. Look for tables near the worship spaces where you can find your personalized mailing envelope.

So there are many reasons to make worship a priority this weekend. I hope you’ll choose to do just that.

Together in Christ’s service.