Worship This Weekend 2017

Worship This Weekend on January 21st and 22nd

When I was growing up there was a character on a TV show called Laugh In, whose name was Edith Ann (played by Lilly Tomlin). Edith Ann was a precocious child of about 5 who would sit in a big over-sized rocking chair and pontificate about a variety of things. And at the end, she’d say “and that’s the truth!” after which she would stick out her tongue and give a “raspberry”. I think of Edith Ann as we prepare to address a critical topic this weekend in our worship services. The Sermon Series “Sources of Hope ” brings us to a central theme – TRUTH. We’ll consider how truth gives hope, using two Bible passages. The first is 2 Timothy 2:14-18 and the other is Romans 15:4-6. In addition, other details of our 4 worship services this weekend include

SATURDAY AT 5:00 IN TRINITY HOUSE – The Meanz of Grace praise band will lead us in music and Pastor Anthony will share the sermon. Also, we’ll hear a brief report from Arlene VanHorn, who recently returned from 2 weeks of mission work in Haiti.

8:15 CHAPEL WORSHIP – Pastor Anthony will lead our service and preach.
9:15 CONTEMPORARY SANCTUARY WORSHIP – Our Celebration Praise Band will lead us in worship and I’ll share the message. Arlene Van Horn will share a bit of her Haiti journey.
10:45 TRADITIONAL SANCTUARY WORSHIP – The Chancel Choir will provide special music for our service and I’ll share the sermon. We’ll also celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism.

Also, on Sunday morning you can sign up to participate in our soon to begin Secret Angel program. Our bulletin has several ministry opportunities where we are looking for volunteers to help and serve. The theme of Truth is one of the most critical topics we will address in a sermon this year and I strongly encourage you to be in worship to share in this biblical teaching.